A man yells and screams at his sister. Multiple types of alternate sexual experiences are explored, including sexual pleasure by pouring food on the body, acting like a baby, licking dirt, homosexual cuddling, sexual pleasure by levitating, pleasure by smacking one's head against another person's head, pleasure from pooping and leaving it in random places, pleasure by publicly rubbing your genitals against someone else, and pleasure by oral sex. Pitted against his alter ego, Rich must figure out how to reign in his penis, both literally and figuratively, in order to finally learn what separates the men from their boys. He is wearing a towel and his towel falls, exposing his buttocks and his penis. Taglines He cannot do it and the woman leaves. Plot Summary Important Notice about Copyrighted Materials. Comedy. A snake bursts out of a man's crotch as a joke. All Rights Reserved. Showing all 16 items Jump to: Certification; Sex & Nudity (8) Violence & Gore (3) Profanity (1) Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking (1) Frightening & Intense Scenes (2) Spoilers (1) Certification. Add to Wishlist. Cookies help us deliver our services. Some of the sex scenes play out a big roughly; there's also violence in the form of a bar fight (not entirely shown) and a bloody suicide attempt. Your session has expired. A man (Michael Fassbender) struggles with his sex addiction while trying to function professionally and socially without being discovered. Synopsis Important Notice about Copyrighted Materials. | | A woman with breasts the size of watermelons strips topless and starts dancing. J.J. Graves is back in Bloody Mary, but she's a long way from feeling at home. Your session has expired. A webcam briefly shows a woman stripping and talking dirty. It's a killer comedy that will take you over the edge with laughter! Plot Summary A man roams the street looking for sex. Send-up of the private eye genre from Keenen Ivory Wayans. A snake bursts out of a man's crotch as a joke. If you're still having trouble, follow these steps to sign in. The next morning, Rich wakes up to find his wish has come true and his johnson is no longer on his body. Like so much else, this is something parents can and should prepare them for. A man make a girl aroused by whispering to her. Parents need to know that the NC-17-rated Shame is all about sex addiction, and the movie is filled with nudity, destructive sexual behavior, strong simulated sex scenes, and innuendo. The woman turns around revealing full frontal nudity. Two men are seen naked, their penis' visible. Have a card? The girl has a boyfriend and he walks up to the man to see what is happening. If you're still having trouble, follow these steps to sign in. Victims are killed in gun battles, shot point blank (about four bodies, with little blood). A woman is overheard having sex with a man, nothing shown, and the woman's brother hears this and becomes agitated. A man and a girl try to make love to each other. With women practically throwing themselves at him, Rich (Cam Gigandet, Twilight, Easy A) can’t control himself. A man is asked if he wants to get high, but he does not do it. The bloody scene in the "Violence" section is emotional and possibly intense. The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points. A man swallows a cup filled with prozac pills. A squirrel is run over by a car (offscreen), but it is resuscitated. The sequence lasts a few minutes and is a continuous shot. A man masturbates a few times (his penis is shown briefly). The film's tone is occasionally disquieting. Much of the language is used in an angry or serious context. A man briefly masturbates a clothed woman before he is interrupted. A scene where a famous star's poop falls out of an airplane, freezes, and hits a man on the head might offend some viewers. Alternate Rating: R on appeal for strong graphic sexual content, language throughout, and some bloody images. Nipples and vagina are visible on the woman, and the male's penis is visible. Nothing is obscured during this scene and he is seen peeing from behind, his penis showing between his legs. 1. If you receive an error message, please contact your library for help.

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