If these bears are lucky enough to be rescued, they have been deeply traumatized, deprived of a natural life, and require years of rehabilitation to regain sanity. They each have a unique "sunshine-patch" on their chest. Technically a marine mammal, the polar bear is distinct from the other seven terrestrial bears and has a different specialist group. And a lot of that boils down to the fact that people do not know about the species, people do not care about the species.". There have been several unconfirmed sightings of sun bears in India over the years; however, the last verified sighting was in Rapid loss of habitat and unstoppable illegal commerce of their parts, confirm this assumption. Plant a tree. Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2019 & 2020. Bear bile farms can be found in China, Vietnam and Korea, where bears are commercially-farmed in small cages and bile is extracted from their gall bladders to make traditional medicines. Sun bears are polyoestrous; births occur throughout the year. helps them climb trees in search of honey. marketplaces. Indigenous tribal groups still strive to remain intact today. This habitat decline meets the criteria needed by the IUCN to classify the bears as “vulnerable”. population, the bear's food habits, and their range must be understood, but we may not have that much time left. and shocking use of the bear's paws for food, a dish he tells me that was once considered an Emperor's dish. habits and habitat are one of the top priorities the IUCN wants to focus on in regards to helping save these species from Share sun bears with your community. ike a proud dad, Siew Te Wong's office walls and desk are covered in baby pictures, but unlike ordinary infants these possess four-inch claws and a taste for insects and honey. She was monitored post-release with the help of a satellite collar and now lives a new life as a truly wild sun bear. The depth of character that I found in each individual sun bear is what ultimately inspired me to direct this film, convey this critical message, and move others to fall in love with these bears as I have. on where you are traveling in the world. In China, the sun bear is listed as a "first class conserved animal"; however, according to the IUCN, very little Share the sun bear story. ~ Sun Bears do not have very good vision, so their food must be found using the sun bear's keen sense of smell. Commercial poaching is widespread in Asia, which supplies the wildlife trade market (and black market) where consumers purchase bear paws, gall bladders (or bile) and other bear parts for Traditional Chinese Medicine and expensive delicacies. All rights reserved. “They leave lots of signs,” she explains. It’s day seven of this ‘Search and Recover’ operation, but she is still out there. Amazing climber. We all exist within one ecosystem – Earth. The immune system: can you improve your immune age? YOU can make a difference! Dinosaur is to extinct as to Panda is endangered, is one solution. Buy Photo, Loves Coconuts. They teach you how to cook bear paw stew, can you believe that?" Named sun-bear man by the local Malayan press, Wong is working hard to raise awareness of what he calls the "forgotten bears species". The IUCN Bear Specialist Group indicated that this species might have disappeared entirely from Bangladesh during the past decade. There is strong evidence that the population of the Sun Bear has been declining over the past years. now if we have any hope of having sun bears in this world much longer. "If you Google bear paw stew you can actually find recipes on the internet. The microbiome: How bacteria regulate your health. Can you name all eight? Buy Organic. Nevertheless, Sun Bear is still found widespread in a few protected areas in Cambodia 's Mondolkiri province and Virachey National Park. ~ The Sun Bear dark black fur is short and sleek. Farmers and even restaurant owners will sometimes have as many as 20 bears in cages, which they milk for their bile. Sun Bears Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species Black Bears Polar Bears California Koalas Kodiak Bears Grizzly Bears Bears Brown Bears Giant Pandas Trending Questions "We need the public, from all levels, to understand the importance of the rainforest," says Wong.

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