Repeating tasks, great mobile app, and overall simplicity have been a win. Customers like to say: “if it’s in Asana, we’ll get it done.”. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on  Useful for having a proper project overview with the Gantt chart Review collected by and hosted on Asana is also adjustable, its costs are affordable. Asana didn't always operate with such high velocity, and there can sometimes be internal misalignment with people who have been working at the company for several years vs. people who have joined in the last 2-3 years. It is so robust, sometimes it can be overwhelming and can be a project in and of itself to create a new project, add dependencies, due dates, etc, but I don't think that is just Asana - other programs are the same. At times this can feel like Asana is moving slowly, but after the first ~year of working here you start to wonder how people could work at a company that doesn't value context sharing and looping in stakeholders. It looks cluttered and disorganized compared to programs like Todoist, etc. Asana is the work manager for teams. Communication is transparent and honest. You can keep projects and tasks private in Asana Review collected by and hosted on Individuals are held accountable in a positive way where success is celebrated and failure is met with a non-personal and improvement-oriented mindset. * to keep tasks organized or reflect the stages of your workflow. Review collected by and hosted on  As the tasks progress, participants can participate, make and add comments, and also add information. - Great culture that lives up to the hype - strong mission and values and a transparent leadership teams that really backs them up. Not as relevant with COVID, but Asana work space is awesome. . Asana is an ideal application to manifest results, and can be used to improve and optimize the work processes of the organization and together where each member is aware of their commitment, it is providing support, structuring and mechanization of tasks, facilitating the way of create customized fields, questionnaires, and templates, its synthesized form is great for: managing work plans and knowing pending tasks, tracking assigned team members and agreed times, providing background history and information on Organizational plans in an updated way, provides the way to work the workload of team members, to visualize the time applied to tasks, who are doing them and redistribute if necessary. I would have loved to meet colleagues in person. You have complete control. Review collected by and hosted on I have personal spaces set up that I don't want coworkers/VAs to access r view, and finance projects that I don't want marketing people to see and vice-versa.  Allows to assign those responsible to verify the possibility and performance of the tasks. . Review collected by and hosted on - Emphasis on getting everyone's input and feedback. Projects can take longer to get started because value is placed on ensuring every team who may be impacted by a project are brought up to speed on the context. Asana is a collaborative work management solution that helps teams organize and manage all of their work from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Also, creating tasks is very easy. - Not as easy for experienced engineers joining from other companies to make impact because of custom parts of tech stack. Review collected by and hosted on It includes excellent search functionality. You can add information, attach important files and documents for each project. I appreciate the effectiveness of asana because it simplifies my hard work visually, since it reduces the development stages of each project, allowing higher work performance and increased team productivity, thus maintaining the pre-projected objectives. Culture changes and relationships become more team-oriented instead of company-oriented. Asana has many great features and lots of settings. It's not pleasant to look at. - (Nit) Occasionally leadership comms (especially from HR) can feel infantilizing as there's a distinct "fake extreme kind" dialect that can come through from time to time. You will be able to start discussions and debates, from there you will get very good ideas to improve the activities of the company. Review collected by and hosted on To preserve and protect the tasks of a project in each of its phases. Below, we’ve listed the top five features of Asana: Asana can be used in companies of all sizes and industries to helps teams, from leadership to individual contributors, move faster and focus on the right work so they can achieve their goals. In the management it uses Gantt charts that make the work very visual and combine tasks, files and comments. With Asana, you can connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere. Overall, Asana is a great tool and has served the team really well. Managing projects and giving my other team members a clear view of the status of projects. It was easy to separate projects and to track progress. Review collected by and hosted on Setting conventions with you team can be a helpful way to make sure everyone in your team is aligned and working by the same principles. Compare popular Document Management Solutions on features, benefits, customer support, and more with this downloadable guide. I've been at Asana full time for 2.5 years and the company has changed a lot in that time, but has always held on to an identity and remained a great place to work. I like this software, it is flexible, simple and easy to be manipulated online and on computers, in applications for telephones, it acts in a focused way and with great benefit in the design and edition of the tasks and subtasks implicit in a project, where it is prevailing the collaboration of the company, the work teams and projects in an integrated way, so that the tasks of a project are distributed, the steps to be followed are defined, those responsible are assigned, the process time; beginning, development and culmination, in short, it is significant that it allows to make visible the movement of work of a project until reaching and the proposed goals. Encourage the use of good planning techniques and encourage more accurate estimates. When I ave downtime I just whip out the app and call my next lead easily with the name and contact info safely stored in the app. How do you position yourself against your competitors? However, you can add guests (who do not pay) and who have the same functionality as a regular user. Review collected by and hosted on Simple business management from anywhere. + Inclusive. Asana, splendid in her work and contribution to planning projects, but I would like you to include the following. Review collected by and hosted on I've never worked at a company like it before - it is truly unique in how it runs its business and how a phrase like "people-first" manifests into something extraordinary. Hi Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review! We are constantly working toward improving our support and will use your feedback as part of this process. Allows assigning activities and managers within a work process. As mentioned, the appearance of Asana overall could be simplified and modernized. With Asana, they have a living system where everyone can see, discuss, and execute the team’s priorities. Asana drives and participates in an operational way in my IT projects, and in the activities of the work teams and the rest of the colleagues in the organization, it is allowing the coupling and transition to advance in the periods and intervals of delivery of the services and the achievement of particular goals in order to meet business objectives. Get started in minutes to try Asana. Information Technology and Services, 5001-10,000 employees, Information Technology and Services, 11-50 employees, Marketing and Advertising, 51-200 employees. It is precisely the variety of its functions, its attractive, clean and intuitive design that I really like, since it allows me to know how to access any functionality of the tool. Asana is openly teamwork.

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