We learn that Barbara’s husband Bill has been having an affair with a student at the university where he teaches and they are trying to hide their separation from the rest of the family. Several days after this, Ivy comes to have dinner with Barbara and Violet to announce that she and Little Charles are in love, but before she can, Violet reveals that Little Charles is her brother. Mattie Fae reveals that she had an affair with Beverly many years ago, and that Little Charles is Beverly’s son, not Charlie’s. Holed up in the large family estate in Osage County, Oklahoma, tensions heat up and boil over in the ruthless August heat. Mattie Fae is drinking scotch, Charlie is watching a baseball game, Violet talks on the telephone, and Johnna is cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Ivy asks Violet about the Clapton record and Violet tells her she likes the beat. Barbara asks Bill if they will be able to repair their marriage, and Bill says they won’t. Join the StageAgent community Jersey Boys When Violet resists, Barbara asserts that she is in charge. Barbara tells Ivy she needs to break things off with Little Charles, but Ivy wants to do the opposite—to tell Violet about her affair. Abruptly Barbara says, "What were these people thinking?" Violet talks to Ivy about the fact that she should find a husband, even though Ivy insists she doesn't want one. GradeSaver, Dysfunctional Families in the American Theatre, Read the Study Guide for August: Osage County…, Emotional Damage to the Three Weston Daughters in August: Osage County, Comparison of Settings between The Glass Menagerie and August: Osage County, View the lesson plan for August: Osage County…, View Wikipedia Entries for August: Osage County…. As the dysfunction comes to a head especially between Violet and the girls and as the girls have to decide what to do about Violet in this last part of her life, a larger question becomes whether any of the girls can break the cycle of dysfunction. The first scene is structured around the arrival of the various family members. Struggling with distance learning? Mattie Fae begs Barbara to put a stop to whatever is happening between Ivy and Little Charles; after all, Barbara said she was the one “running things.”. Our, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Beverly's intentions may have been telegraphed by he having just hired compassionate Johnna Monevata, a young Cheyenne woman, as a cook and live-in caregiver much to Violet's displeasure.

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