Their position on this list is most likely due to Millineals voting for their favorite contemporary Indie band but have yet to discover the originanaters and genius that are The Smiths. Songs from the first album have math. Even though those songs are the most popular, it didn't get a chance to top the charts. Indigo was a masterpiece, and their song Trouble is just amazing. The Killers aren't indie. Caleb Followill has such a unique voice and he can sing like no other. They don't release album after album of tired, boring and forced material. I'm not a huge fan of indie rock but I love modest mouse! Still, I am obsessed with their music and so should everyone be. If you know enough about the genre, please vote based on the quality of the band's music instead of just voting for the most popular indie musicians that you might've heard of. Beautiful, powerful, haunting, breathtaking, mystical and dark music, that makes you feel a way that no other band does. For me, the strokes are awesome, but they aren't really indie. If you notice that a band isn't on this list and should be, feel free to add them. Let us know what you think of the website. Behind The Scenes Of 'Disintegration', The Cure's Dark And Brooding Masterpiece, A Timeline Of Robert Smith's Beef With Morrissey. The Cure is an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976. I am absolutely addicted to this band. The Best Yeah Yeah Yeahs Albums of All Time. They are a great band and have so many great songs. All three of the albums are amazing, but Lungs has to be the best. The Shins are an American indie rock band formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1996. This is one of the most important bands in rock history, most bands on this list owe a lot to Pixies, and somehow this is at 50.Pixies may not be the best band in the genre, but they still deserve to be WAY higher. This band is not just some one-time-masterpiece-band, but a really versitile band as well. The band rose to fame in the early 2000s as a…, Bloc Party are an indie rock band which formed in 1999 in London, England. They are fantastic and should be number one on this list! They helped pioneer the Indie style during the late 90s and early 2000s through deep and sometimes...creepy...lyrics. Alt-J was the #1 touring band in the world last year, the vocalist, like many indie-rock artists, has a very unique sound but even more so than the majority. Umm why are muse down here and not in 1st some would say that they aren't in this genre but muse are so good that they should be top of lists for folk, country, classical, rock heavy metal and pop. The master plan7. Their music basically fills my heart with colours and glitter, they are all so effing talented, and Florence Welch... Well, she's God. Just Listen to Weight of Love off their new album, and let Dan and Patrick blow you away. How can they be number 16? Lists that rank the best bands and musicians in every genre. They really slap you in the face and say, "that's why your listening to us and enjoying us. " Kings of Leon is an American … Such an amazing band, one of very few bands to break new ground with their music. The Best Death Cab for Cutie Albums, Ranked. Can somebody tell me why is FranZ Ferdinand here?They should be in the top 10! The Strokes are brilliant. These guys are truly the definition of alternative and are unfortunately underrated. A fun indie band that somehow mix classical and world influences and make it work! That's what I just love in a band. Top 10 Everyday Things that Could Be Eliminated by 2030, Top 10 Moments Where Michael Jordan Took It Personally in The Last Dance Series, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. Dan Auerbach's vocals are nothing short of perfect and the lyrics and instrumentals are addictive. One of the most epic songs I've ever listened to. I can't understand, at least they deserve a higher place on this list. Radiohead is my favourite band of all time! Look them up and listen to the well-known and underrated songs, if you don't like them you'll at least respect they're evident talent, How this band is so low, I don't know. I have so much respect and love for them, it's amazing. Currently my favorite band and has been for the past 9 months. The band's original lineup consisted of…, Kaiser Chiefs are a post-britpop band which formed in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England in early 2003. The Smiths became arguably the most influential British band since the Beatles and the Rolling Stones when they emerged… Best band in while, so many of their songs have unique messages which are brilliantly written and each have such an amazing tune that you will never forget. That it was all in the music. Happy search, and long live Muse. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an American rock band formed in New York City in 2000. People make such opinions just off of their most popular songs. Making some of the best indie songs of 2018, many of the top indie rock bands do remain loyal to the labels that took a chance on them when they were up-and-comers and stay on independent labels. Arcade Fire is such an original band. Joy Division were an English rock band formed in Salford in 1976. The last two albums take a bit more risk and need a little time to grow on you (but when they do, you'll be hooked! Their stylistic influences expand far beyond those of the bands that were previously mentioned. I haven't decided which one of the latest albums I like the most! Their two albums have left an unarguable mark on the indie scene. Please.. listen to them on YouTube... and then watch yourself vote for them. After falling in love with their music, I wanted to know who was behind it, so I watched one of their interviews. SMH! If they do, then there is no debating that they are #1. The Instrumental structure in their music paints imagery to most every mood you could possibly imagine. If you know indie music, feel free to chime in and vote on this list. All of their albums have a different feel and they are just multi-talented! My favorite song is "What the Water Gave Me" but I also really like "Shake it Out", "Seven Devils", and their covers of "You've Got the Love" and "Addicted to Love". They are so astonishingly great. This adds a homegrown charm to their music and makes it very relatable to the younger generation.Secondly, the Monkeys' Matt Helders is one of the best drummers in rock music today.

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