The Mt. 30th annual event is Sept. 27. Jestro's Punchcut Theme, modified by Matt de Neef, A site about the joy of riding uphill & a guide to Victoria's best climbs, Claremont to Mt. Welcome to the states. Leffler pre-rode the climb before the pros took over, and here are five things to know about the road to Mt. 8401 Mt Baldy Rd Mount Baldy, CA 91759 Cycling. Thanks for sharing. The Mount Baldy climb is one of the most difficult in the LA Area with 4600 feet of climbing in 13 miles. There are some really nice neighborhoods nestled there at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains — Claremont and San Dimas seemed particularly nice, with green, leafy streets and nice suburban homes. It’s a climb that featured in this year’s Tour of California, it’s reasonably close to LA where my brother Ash and I would be staying for four nights, and it’s billed as the hardest climb in Southern California. Visit our corporate site. The images of the road I’d seen on Google Street View looked stunning and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I experienced it in real life. On the last hill climb up to Mt. A thunderstorm is brewing outside and if the last few days are anything to go by, it will rain very heavily for about half an hour before the skies clear. Baldy. The Tour of California finishes on Saturday with stage 7, which starts in Santa Clarita and travels over the Angeles Forest Highway summit before dropping down into the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. The climb is steep with sections above 15%. Disclaimer: Road Bike Kit provides no guarantee for the accuracy of travel information contained in these pages. The last five miles are extremely steep with an average of over 8% and some 15% sections. There was a problem. I''ve did Létape du California and had this climb at the end! Baldy parking lot offers a popular spot to rest and rejuvenate before heading back down. It was well worth the effort, as is always the case with these things. Ever since I booked my flights to the US, I knew I wanted to climb Mt. What a spectacular day out Matt! The climb covers a distance of around 15km with an average gradient of 7.8%. Sure, it was still really tough going and sure, I was spending most of the time at less than 10km/h but I was getting through it. All rights reserved. Matt, As I rounded one final corner I saw the ski lifts ahead and realised I’d made it. Eibar Riding along the ridge of Glendora Mountain Road and up to the summit of Baldy had some of the best views I’ve seen in California, even in the rain and fog. Baldy, and all roads going up are challenging ones. Baldy, but it arrived after a challenging week of racing, covering almost 21,000 metres of elevation gain and where more than half of the stages were over 200km. Don’t beat yourself up for stopping. The best climb in California!!!! Have someone with you to experience this awesome ride, as well as a partner or group to help mentally (and maybe physically) push you up these hills. Thanks Matt – this was really useful. Throughout most of the climb my Garmin was reading 35 degrees plus. You gain 1469 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 7 %. "Today we made the race hard, and it's just great what the guys did to back me, especially after my last races where things didn't go as I wanted them to. Whether you are a competitive cyclist or you want to go out on a fun group cycling ride, you’re in the right place. It’s a timed race and is sanctioned by USA Track and Field. This is about the closest thing in Southern California that you can compare in length and steepness to Alpe dHuez.

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