Classical schools offer a rigorous liberal-arts curriculum to students who must test in. [31], In 2013, Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago initiated the closing of 54 public schools. [29] These areas are not only sites of demolished public housing, but now to closed-down schools. A school may elect to enroll students outside its attendance boundaries if there is space or if it has a magnet cluster program. The table below lists the pension debt for each year since 2003:[88], The Illinois state government required Chicago Public Schools to move money from education to worker pensions. “We’re trying to make Lindblom the first Chicago public high school to record, and hopefully publish, its 100-year history,” explains Project founder Roy Pearson, Class of 1968. Parents might avoid sending their children to certain schools for various reasons, but a new building nearby furthers disinvestment in schools struggling to fill seats. How that’s factoring into the reopening push, Chicago releases more details about ‘phased-in’ school reopening plan amid sharp enrollment drop, Chicago plans to reopen school buildings for special education, pre-K — but continue virtual learning for most. In March 2016, the Chicago Board of Education filed a $65 million lawsuit against Bennett and her co-conspirators. Chicago Public Schools faces a critical decline in enrollment and is closing or phasing out four more schools on the city’s South Side as a result. The mothers said CPS allowed a Noble Charter Network to open in 2014 that exacerbated enrollment declines at Steinmetz High School, and that the same happened to Burbank in 2013, when an UNO charter elementary opened a few blocks west of the school. [37] In 1983, CPS teachers went on a fifteen-day strike from October 3 to October 18 demanding a 10% salary increase. STEM Magnet Academy is the first elementary school in the state of Illinois, and among the first in the nation, to offer a STEM-focused curriculum. "Teachers' Labor Market Responses to Performance Evaluation Reform: Experimental Evidence from Chicago Public Schools. Enroll in a school on the CPS website. [32] Many protesters peacefully left the scene when asked to by the CPD, but many held their ground. For a major portion of my career as a Chicago Public Schools educator, I was a public school hypocrite. For every four schools that have been closed, three have been in these neighborhoods. Enrollment decisions should be made in the best educational interest of your child. Lincoln Park High School and Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center are neighborhood "magnet" high schools, which also offer various honors programs to students citywide. “This is the largest drop in enrollment that Chicago Public Schools has experienced in the past two decades,” CPS CEO Janice Jackson said Friday. CPS is headquartered in the 42 West Madison building in the Chicago Loop, formerly headquartered in the 125 South Clark Street building from 1998 until November 2014. [35] The second strike occurred in January 1971, lasting four days from January 12 through January 15. ROBERTSON OF CHICAGO DIES; Former Health Commissioner Succumbs to Heart Disease at the Age of 60. Sam Dillon, "Report Questions Duncan’s Policy of Closing Failing Schools", "The New York Times," October 28, 2009, "A Look at Arne Duncan’s VIP List of Requests at Chicago Schools and the Effects of his Expansion of Charter Schools in Chicago", "Democracy Now!," March 26, 2010, Ford Fessenden, "A Portrait of Segregation in New York City’s Schools" The New York Times, May 11, 2012, Alvarez, René Luis. Superintendent Ruth B. Hire your own graduates, Chicago says. Yet the district just unveiled a new $1 billion capital plan that adds schools: an open-enrollment high school on the Near West Side and an elementary school in the Belmont Cragin community on the Northwest Side. [16] In 1922, the school board voted unanimously to change policy that allocated library access based on color, "[extending] the same privileges to Race children to enter all the libraries as the white children enjoy", but maintaining segregated schools and specifying that "in each branch library all employees should belong to the race which attended the particular school". CPS is the only district in the state that the state government has done this to. Qualified retirees may enroll in a plan for: Non-Medicare eligible members ; Medicare-eligible members who maintain enrollment in Medicare Part A and Part B She resigned from the position in June 2015. [45] Soon after the strike, CEO Jean-Claude Brizard stepped down from his position. As Chicago studies Catholic school reopening, some lessons — and some big questions. Paral, like other observers, predicts the Bronzeville is one of the areas between the South Loop and the Obama Library that will be further gentrified in coming years. “It will be taking from the local schools,” Rosa Reyes said. ", "Racial gaps in achievement have steadily increased, with white students making slightly more progress than Latino students, and African American students falling behind all other groups. When it comes to CPS’ new school plans, line items don’t always mean new buildings, as evidenced by the two classical schools opening in existing structures in West Eldson on the Southwest Side and in Bronzeville on the South Side. Nearly 20,000 new residents have moved in since then. Most schools in the district, whether prekindergarten-8th grade, elementary, middle, or secondary, have attendance boundaries restricting student enrollment to within a given area. An analysis by the Metropolitan Planning Council found that most African-Americans leaving Chicago are under 25, and low-income. In a statement to Chalkbeat Chicago, CPS defended its decision to open new schools, despite enrollment declines, by citing community demand. “No longer will children from near south neighborhoods seeking a classical school education have to travel to the far southside, westside or northside for enrollment.”. Charters in Chicago receive 10-25% less public funding than traditional schools, although some studies show their student achievement and performance metrics to be the same as traditional CPS results. Classical school applications thus require a different type of assessment. The school system contains two levels of elementary-middle school programs which make selective admission only. [5][9] The district serves over 355,000 students. “It provides another quality educational option for families in Bronzeville and other nearby communities,” Dowell wrote in a statement she emailed to Chalkbeat Chicago. White people have flocked to the area, especially the affluent West Loop, while the black population has plummeted. She has a daughter enrolled at King, a selective enrollment high school. Bronzeville is a culturally rich neighborhood known as Chicago’s “Black Metropolis,” where black migrants from the South forged a vibrant community during the Great Migration, building their own banks, businesses and cultural institutions. [17], From 2001 to 2009, CPS, under Arne Duncan's leadership, closed dozens of elementary and high schools due to classrooms being at low capacity or underperforming. 304 of the 566 buildings CPS operates are “underutilized,” or at least 20 percent empty. In 1987, Education Secretary William J. Bennett called the Chicago Public Schools system the worst in the nation. "A Community that Would Not Take 'No' for an Answer: Mexican Americans, the Chicago Public Schools, and the Founding of Benito Juarez High School,", Chicago Public Schools Office of Academic Enhancement, "Selective Enrollment High Schools", Available online at, Chicago Public Schools, "Career Academies", Available online at, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of schools in Chicago Public Schools, primary, secondary, and disability schools, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy, Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council, "Support Swells For Interim CPS CEO Janice Jackson", "Janice Jackson: What Does CPS' Newest Leader Bring to the Table? [32] The Mayors decision to close the schools was met with rage and feelings of injustice by the communities affected and the Chicago Teachers Union. The trends mirror population drops in Chicago, which has about 182,000 fewer residents than it did 18 years ago, according to Census data. As early as 1848, during the first term of the 12th Mayor of Chicago, James Hutchinson Woodworth, the city's need for a public school system was recognized by the city council. Full magnet schools are open to citywide student enrollment, provided that applicants meet a level of high academic standards. [62], The April 21, 2006 issue of the Chicago Tribune revealed a study by the Consortium on Chicago School Research that stated that 6 of every 100 CPS freshmen would earn a bachelor's degree by age 25. You’ll see what he’s saying in Belmont Cragin, a community just west of one of Chicago’s most popular gentrifying communities, where the population has ballooned as the overall city population has dropped. Bronzeville Classical will open this fall as a citywide elementary selective enrollment school. However, some South Side residents see the classical school as problematic. According to CPS, these schools have "intensified resources to prepare students for careers in business/finance, communications, construction, health, hospitality/food service, manufacturing, performing arts, and transportation.

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