/ Do you have a PR person you work with? I can't think of Enjoi without that pukey orange color, the panda, and Jerry Hsu's face invading my consciousness. Were there any other bribes from Jamie Thomas to land tricks? In 2002 Dying To Live and In Bloom came along. Jamie Thomas [Zero’s founder] and I have been friends for so long – he was in my wedding, so a sponsorship wouldn’t change that. $59.99, 3 SKULL BLOOD – BLACK I’m not rushing into anything with any brands, because there’s a lot that goes into it, and the next place I go, I want it to be my home. Something went wrong. ” Reads like he is still friends, to me at least, © 2020 Jenkem MagazineFreeflow Digital Media, AN INTERVIEW WITH VASU SOJITRA, THE ONE LEGGED SKATER, JERRY HSU DISCUSSES CHOCOLATE, LEAVING ENJOI & THE INDUSTRY, STORIES BEHIND THE BARNYARD MEGA RAMP WITH CAZ HELMSTETTER, BREAKING UP WITH ZERO AND CHRIS COLE’S NEXT MOVE. I don’t know what I’m gonna do in the future. [Laughs] I try to be a good influence, but I am going to be me – I am not a cookie cutter perfect individual, and it would be lame to pretend that I was. Yeah it’s less money to wear a wrist cuff as your logo placement, it’s less for sure, but it makes sense. Were you working side jobs or living just off of skateboarding? ‘4:3/Bats & Mats’ features Bastiaan van Zadelhoff & Mats Edel, and is filmed entirely in Haarlem, The Netherlands. That was the gist of it, but it was an hour and a half breakdown of each individual case of me speaking and it being interpreted wrong. All I got was “The old days were good, and I learned a lot from them”. I already wore a wrist cuff all the time anyway, and if I put on a hat, it’s just not me. There are times where I will curse, that doesn’t make me a bad person. When I filmed my Wheels Of Fortune section for 411VM, I was 16 and so by the time I graduated school, I was already sponsored and going on tour. I think with the internet, people forget real quick. Make Offer - Chris Cole MMXX Reaper Red Foil Zero Skateboard Signed/Numbered #46 Of #250 Made. So I just stayed there until I made it. Rise with the Fallen May 3, 2019 - 11:12 pm; Gnarlytown 2019 March 20, 2019 - 3:47 pm; Winners Holiday Hookup 2017 February 2, 2018 - 12:00 am good for him, good for anyone who does. I didn’t ride the same type of board, I didn’t do the same type of tricks but they fired me up to skate. [laughs]. you are a naive dude with zero insight. Love Chris Cole. Yeah. Doing it with one fewer leg. It’s funny because my friends always joke about that too. $57.99, AMERICAN ZERO (CLASSIC YELLOW) Quote from: ok boomer on September 09, 2020, 01:03:47 PM, Quote from: Cuban_Lynx on September 09, 2020, 01:12:53 PM, Quote from: HyenaChaser on July 27, 2015, 02:37:34 PM, Quote from: kilgore. Last week, Chris Cole announced that he's leaving his longtime sponsor Zero Skateboards, a company he's been aligned with for the past 13 years and whose brand he has inked onto his body. You know? $54.99, ARMY PULLOVER - BLACK Photos: Mike Blabac & Diego Reyes V. $59.99, ARCANA - GABBERS 8.0 In 2014, the skateboard industry got a hard kick in the nuts. Feels good to be home. $49.99, ARMY CREW NECK - GREY/WHITE But skate brands have been run the same for a very long time. He hit me up and invited me to hang out, and I was like, “oh my god, I’m hanging out with Jamie Thomas, that’s so cool!”. It took a couple of years, for a while it was definitely core skate. It was an amicable split. You would start in Southern California, go up to Portland, all the way across the USA to the East Coast, down the East Coast, then back across the center of the midwest – a huge loop and be back in 2 weeks. I support that. Cole had a breakout Zero part in 2002’s Dying To Live and he left the brand in 2014; he joined Plan B the following year—before that, he rode for World Industries and Enjoi—eventually leaving the brand last year. Well, they front the cash to get your boards made, they have the artists and shipping in house, and they take that headache off your plate. It was an hour and a half breakdown explaining how everything isn’t safe, everything you say is under a microscope. PUSHING FOR GOLD—BROUGHT TO YOU BY TIKTOK, ‘Pop Trading’ Premieres New Video By Bombaklats’ Sami El Hassani, Andrew Reynolds Shares His Philosophies On Skateboarding & Life In RVCA Video, Red Bull Launches Digital Skate Contest In Ryan Sheckler’s Private Park, Santa Cruz’s Guzman, Knibbs & Braun Spend The Day At Derby. ‘Sōlus’ gives thirteen skaters one hour each to film their best 45-second run. $64.99, IRON MAIDEN - PIECE OF MIND Cole’s accomplishments in skateboarding are staggering; his contributions under our roof are simply unparalleled. lay off the guy who has it all. Battle At The Berrics 2 champ Chris Cole has announced that he is rejoining Zero Skateboards. The cinematographer that he is, his videoparts and the way he edited – he could take a dude who is like “meh” at skating, relatively whatever… but he could film and edit his part and put it to an awesome song and visualize it, do it so that dude is just your new favorite skater. One time we were at Carlsbad, and I was trying the 360 kickflip down the gap, he was like, “dude, if you make it today, I’ll give you $10,000.” I gave it everything but couldn’t stick it. I grew up mostly skating alone, so yeah, I wasn’t pushing around doing wallies and polejams all the time, I was trying to figure out my board and just having a great time doing that. $59.99, IRON MAIDEN - KILLERS Not just the one man demo. How did you leave and what happened to your shares? Released Sep 23rd, 2020. I actually stayed and graduated high school because I wanted to – I was already skipping tour to go to school. The news came via Cole’s Instagram account this afternoon, with a release date of September 14 for his pro model. Sr. Chasing the dollar. What did he say? Would Jamie ever tell you what to wear? I also just wanna live a full life and it not to be all about just tricks at spots. But these are the times we’re living in.

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