One of them's me. ", "Mark Mancina / Trevor Rabin: Con Air [Music from the Motion Picture]", "Leann Rimes, Music: How Do I Live / My Baby. As the rest of the other convicts are quickly re-apprehended, Poe and Larkin form a friendship, just as Tricia and Casey arrive. The film stars Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and John Malkovich, with Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Colm Meaney, Mykelti Williamson, Dave Chappelle, Rachel Ticotin, Danny Trejo, Nick Chinlund, Jesse Borrego, Jose Zuniga, and Monica Potter in supporting roles. Although a key element of the film, Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle noted, "The soundtrack kicks into loud, obtrusive gear ... (and) remains so loud throughout the picture that it practically functions as a distancing device. | "[26], Con Air was nominated for Best Original Song (for "How Do I Live") and Best Sound (Kevin O'Connell, Greg P. Russell and Art Rochester) at the 70th Academy Awards, but lost to Titanic in both categories. open/close all folders . "[23] Janet Maslin, reviewer for The New York Times considered Con Air an exemplar of the "thrill ride genre." Bedford, raiding the cargo, discovers Poe's identity when he reads his parole letter and finds a toy bunny Poe intends to give to his daughter, forcing Poe to kill him. List of Con Air characters, with pictures when available. (uncredited), hair stylist: Mr. Cusack / key makeup artist / makeup artist: Mr. Cusack, additional tattoo designer (as Ellen L. Wong), production manager: hi-speed miniatures unit, production supervisor: hi-speed miniatures unit, production supervisor: Las Vegas, aerial unit (as Todd Smith), second second assistant director (as Scott Harris), second second assistant director: second unit (as John Hermansen), first assistant director: second unit (as Greg Simmons), second unit director: aerial (uncredited), assistant sound editor (as Kimberly Carlton), assistant sound editor (as Michelle Pleis-Stirber), assistant sound editor (as Christopher Schiavo), production sound mixer: second unit (uncredited), special effects office coordinator (as Dawn Ascher), special effects foreman (as Paul Lombardi), special effects coordinator (as Chuck Stewart), special effects art director (uncredited), miniature guitar neon: model construction unit, assistant coordinator: hi-speed miniatures unit, production assistant: motion control unit, director of miniature photography: hi-speed miniatures unit, videographer: hi-speed miniatures unit (as Chris Borelli), scanning and recording technician: DQI (as Mark Canas), lead model maker: model construction unit, visual effects supervisor: Buena Vista Imaging, model department coordinator: model construction unit, production assistant: hi-speed miniatures unit, engineering technician: motion control unit, motion control operator / motion control programer, first assistant camera: hi-speed miniatures unit, model maker: model construction unit (as Frank Godel), first assistant camera: hi-speed miniatures unit (as David Goldenberg), special effects foreman: hi-speed miniatures unit, special effects coordinator: hi-speed miniatures unit (as John Gray), visual effects producer: DQI (as Rae Griffith-Gagnon), engineering technician: motion control unit (as Joseph Hagey), cg supervisor: DQI (as Darin R. Hollings), senior engineering supervisor: motion control unit, visual effects coordinator: DQI (as Michele Dani Linse), digital coordinator: DQI (as Kathryn Liotta-Couture), visual effects supervisor: Optical Illusions, camera operator: hi-speed miniatures unit, sculptor: model construction unit (as Larry McAuley), model department supervisor: model construction unit (as Jim McGeachy), digital compositing supervisor: DQI (as Marlo J. Pabon), best boy electric: hi-speed miniatures unit (as Michael Patnaude), computer graphics effects: CFC (as Katie Hecker), plate supervisor: plate photography unit (as Chuck Schuman), visual effects camera operator (as Kurt Soderling), miniatures supervisor: model construction unit, motion control programmer: plate photography unit (as Tim Taylor), engineering technician: motion control unit (as James Tharp), visual effects consultant: DreamQuest Images, motion control camera operator (uncredited), hi-speed camera operator: miniatures unit (uncredited), screen graphics artist: VIFX (uncredited), executive in charge of production: Matte World (uncredited), digital composite supervisor (uncredited), visual effects director of photographhy (uncredited), chief lighting technician (as Bobby L. Burton), camera operator: "b" camera / steadicam operator, first assistant camera: plate photography unit (as Ed Gutentag), camera operator: "a" camera, second unit (as Jim LeBlanc), first assistant camera: VistaVision camera, Las Vegas / first assistant camera: plate photography unit (as Evan Nesbitt), second assistant camera: plate photography unit (as Carol Ogihara), video assist operator (as Mark A. Polischeck), first assistant camera: plate photography unit, camera loader: David Anderson's TV sequence versions (uncredited), lighting technician: re-shoots (uncredited), assistant location manager (as Mimi M. Davis), executive in charge of soundtracks (uncredited), music performer (uncredited) / music producer (uncredited) / orchestrator (uncredited), 24 frame video supervisor (as Candy S. Brock), aerial coordinator / aerial unit director, pilot: Cobra, aerial unit (as Jesse Martin), production secretary / travel coordinator, assistant production coordinator (as Gary L. Trentham), production assistant: Santa Monica (uncredited), medic: set -day player, as Sarah Oliver (uncredited), production safety supervisor (uncredited), office production assistant: Utah (uncredited), assistant aerial coordinator (uncredited), production coordinator: second unit (uncredited), assistant production accountant (uncredited). (as Don Davis), Cindino Gunman - Stunt The inmates quickly find a cache of fully loaded shotguns and M-16 rifles in the plane's cargo hold (originally assigned to guards) and prepare an ambush. The flight is overseen by U.S. Honorably discharged Army Ranger sergeant Cameron Poe returns home to his pregnant wife Tricia after experiencing several combat deployments during Operation Desert Storm. Con Air cast list, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Con Air (1997) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Poe finds Pinball's corpse trapped in the landing gear, writing a message to the U.S. Sims tries to take control of the plane, but Grissom kills him. "[6] The old wartime bomber base was also used for the aircraft boneyard scenes while the original swimming pool at the base was used in a scene where Garland Greene was talking to a young girl. The hijacking inmates plot to land at Carson Airport as scheduled, pick up and transfer other prisoners, and then fly to a non-extradition country. [27], Conversely, the film won the Golden Raspberry Award for "Worst Reckless Disregard for Human Life and Public Property" at the 18th Golden Raspberry Awards. The chase leads to the deaths of all three escapees, with Cyrus killed by a pile driver that crushes his head. Marshal Vince Larkin, who is approached by DEA agents Duncan Malloy and Willie Sims, the latter planning to go undercover to get information from drug lord Francisco Cindino, who is to be picked up en route. Jason Morgan of gave the film 1 star out of 5, claiming the added scenes slowed down the film, and criticized the high price of the DVD for its lack of bonus content. ", "Authorities identify victims of Alaska "Con Air"-movie plane crash. ", "The 70th Academy Awards (1998) Nominees and Winners. | With second-unit work beginning on June 24, 1996, principal photography began shortly after at Salt Lake City, on July 1, 1996 and continued until October 29, 1996, at a number of locations. The plane arrives at Carson City as scheduled and the inmate exchange commences, with the ground crew unaware that the hijackers are disguised as guards. Marshals on the body before throwing it out. [10] The three member flight crew was killed in the crash. The authorities discover the hijacking upon finding evidence in Grissom's old cell and a tape recorder placed with the disguised guards by Poe, but are unable to stop the plane from taking off. The other's not you." Poe warns the other inmates of Cindino's past acts of deceit and betrayal, and thus Grissom orders the others to fuel up the plane and get it ready for takeoff. The only criminal unaccounted for is Garland Greene, who gambles at an undisclosed casino and is now apparently reformed. Con Air was released theatrically on June 6, 1997 by Touchstone Pictures and was a box office success, grossing over $224 million against a production budget of $75 million. ", "Accident Report: Fairchild C-123K Provider, August 1, 2010. Meanwhile, Johnny 23, assigned as the sentry in the control tower, spots a National Guard convoy approaching and gives the alarm. "How Do I Live" was nominated for both the Academy Award for Best Original Song and the Razzie Award Worst Original Song, but won neither. Characters / Con Air Go To × Edit Locked. However, he is sentenced to ten years in prison for inadvertently killing a drunken man – one of three who tried to attack him and Tricia. [7], On August 29, 1996, Phillip Swartz, a welder employed by Special Effects Unlimited, a Los Angeles-based firm, was crushed to death at Wendover when a static model of the C-123 used in the film fell on him. (as Jose Zuniga), Ted - Small Plane Pilot From main characters to cameos and minor roles, these characters are a huge part of what made the movie so great. (as Tommy Rosales), Guard Renfro [11][12][13], On the DVD commentary of Chappelle's Show, and later, on Inside the Actors Studio, Dave Chappelle recounted that he improvised most of his lines in Con Air.[14].

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