Make sure he doesn't do that again, and start letting some of the small new branches grow bigger each year. Reply. ??? I'm glad there's hope since it's right by my front door! Do you know how to prune crepe myrtle trees?” I demand. I also cut my garden's tree for nice look of trees. And flowers arrive earlier than do those on unpruned or mispruned plants. Fall pruning not only creates an unattractive look for winter but also removes the current year’s growth as a buffer against any potential winter damage. Name – Lagerstroemia indica Family – Lythraceae Type – tree or shrub Height – 10 to 16 feet (3 to 5 meters) Exposure – full sun, part sun Soil – rich enough Foliage – deciduous Flowering – May to October. What happens to them if I do not cut them away? There should be a perfect circle around the trunk of top soil. After two to three weeks of growth, select three to five of the most vigorous new shoots on each trunk and remove all others. After Im learning it from this site I will do it late winter in SC. Thanks. I am 90% sure it is not mold, just dark looking as you can see in the photo. While the trees are young, the tips of the small limbs can be pruned off (again only those a pencil width diameter or less). The crepe myrtle—the premiere ornamental tree of the South—is without equal in year-round seasonal interest. Crepe myrtle is an amazing ornamental summer-blooming shrub.. Key Crepe myrtle facts. It was a small way to say thank you for the efforts…. Never ever saw off the trunks straight across in the mistaken idea it will make the tree bloom better. I had a tall crepe myrtle that I had to prune the first February after I moved in, two years ago. |. Pruning lower limbs that are less than a pencils’ width in diameter is completely acceptable since this will not leave any scars. Enjoy tips, guides, advice and inspiration from some of the world’s foremost floral designers and tastemakers. Prune out dead branches. My myrtles are new and have a top but no branches on the lower section. As a gardener, I can say that the article is very useful and everything is very well described. It is so sad to see crepe myrtles struggling in the shade: they don’t bloom, and their scant growth becomes spindly and covered in sooty mold. The results of poor pruning. Intending to do something similar this season, I waited until mid February but we went straight to a very warm spring and it does not appear that we are going back to cold. Blue eyes blazing, James Bond turns to me and says, “I must reach that allée of crepe myrtle trees before the Russians destroy them.”, “No!” the clipped British accent says. Im not sure that, that isn't a contradiction? This will encourage the remaining sprouts to grow stronger and will open up the canopy of the tree. I have a very large Crepe Myrtle and would like to severely prune it. Thank you for growing with us for over 45 years! Is there any hope for my tree come springtime to 1) grow back and 2) bloom sometime next year? I use the simile on purpose because the shape of a crepe myrtle tree is one of the most beautiful sculptural forms in the garden. The seed heads from last year can remain on the plant all year, and you will still get good blooming in the current year. Unfortunately, the new branches are so long and weak that they can’t support the weight of the flowers. Winter is dreary. If your trees are leafed out and in full bloom, pour a glass of iced tea, sit on the porch, and admire them. Text and photography Mary Walton Upchurch © 2020. It has about 10 branches from ground up and is about 25 feet high. Crape myrtle will most certainly come back from a renovated crown. While one is not entitled to cut down the encroaching tree one may cut over hanging branches with impunity. Here are a few images of correct and incorrect pruning. you may be asking. Just as an FYI its illegal for your neighbors to prune anything in your yard. Last year I pruned them substantially in late winter with tremendous results. You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature. Details L. indica is an upright, deciduous tree or large shrub with peeling brown and grey bark and, 8cm long, dark green leaves which are bronze when young. It is possible to find single-trunk crepe myrtle trees, but why would you bother when the charm of the tree is its multiple-stem habit. a beautiful dragon crape myrtle that was about 20 feet, and my gardner just pruned (wacked) it so that there are about 8 branches left, about 6 feet tall, ends cut completely off, no leaves whatsoever. Over time, prune out thin, spindly branches in the crown of the tree. Or, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water to control mildew. Now they have no blooms for the 2nd year and the buds are black. So although I don't commit "Crepe murder "as pollarding has become known in the USA I do take those first year growths down to about foot above last years cut and remove a few second year growths then thin the remaining first years or the tree become too bushy. anyone can help me..!! Best of luck - keep the circle free of debris and top it often with top soil / potting soil! If you want to rehabilitate a "murdered" crapemyrtle, try one of the following options: I've pruned a med size (about 6') CM for about 8 years and so now I have main branches that have many new branches coming of at the "nub". Pruning is also not necessary for blooming. Thanks. A healthy, well-structured crape myrtle will have only a few main trunks. Don't be afraid of pollarding just learn how to do it correctly. Few flowering plants can compete with crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 7–9) for vibrant summer color. And if you are in the market for a crepe myrtle, remember that they come in all sizes and bloom colors. Then go a foot further out along the branch and cut all the way through the branch from the top. Should I re prune? Firstly, compared to regular crepe myrtles, small crepe myrtles have a slower growth rate.

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