Skin colour may not be the issue within Deus Ex’s world, but the tensions, viewpoints, and attitudes resulting from that segregation clearly parallel the issues we face in reality regarding race. Namely, the way the multiple endings were triggered, and the boss fights. When you’re swept up in tragedy your focus is only on that. “What happened in Human Revolution – the so-called ‘canon’ ending – is whatever you as a player did,” smiles Mary DeMarle, executive narrative director on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. There’s a been a global rise in fear, paranoia and segregation. At PAX Australia I had the opportunity to talk with Mary DeMarle, lead writer on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. If a newly changed conclusion retcons that game into something even more special, creates a jumping-off point for another spectacular journey, I am absolutely fine with that. It means that a team has laboured over it, that they wanted - not needed - to show you something you never expected. For Mankind Divided, it’s about exploring the theme of hell.”. The prevail scenario is about how we can circumvent the challenges [and] get these technologies to co-exist with us. There’s no rest for him in the segregated areas reserved for augmented people, either: “When he goes into the augmented world he’s also an outcast there because he’s too shiny, too beautiful and too nice.”. “There are going to be certain signposts that don’t change, but when you actually play through those signposts will it play out the way you thought it would, or will you suddenly getting a new perspective on it?”. I chose the illuminatti ending on my first play through. While Jensen is despised by the people around him, Mankind Divided sees him come to terms with his own self-loathing. And then I think there’s the challenge that the audience. The two endings that the game makes it impossible to not have access to are the most negative, and when I first played the game, it was clear that those would lead to the dystopia of the first game whereas the other two, which took some effort to make available, take it in another direction. The world of 2029 seems a more outright hateful and upsetting one than any Deus Ex we’ve played before. How did that affect the world? Even more interesting is that the team don’t feel like they’re under any pressure to conform or meet the lore that we know from the world of 2052. So, yes, we’ll still have some of that, and hopefully we’ve pushed it a bit further. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. These days he’s more comfortable in his own skin, and that’s made apparent in the way players can use him. New York, But that absolutely doesn’t devalue the power of an ending. The idea for mechanical apartheid has its roots in transhumanism philosophy. Game Guide. Sometimes you want an escape, something simple, but at other times you want to explore something deeper. So in that way all the endings are true and none of them are true. I felt personally, that augamentations should be regulated as they are indeed harmful if left uncontrolled, yet their are indeed benefits from them (ie. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Archived. On a production level, we still speak about things in terms of hubs and compounds, so there is a bit of that – you’ll be into a city hub and then you’ll go to a different location. Human Revolution's great strength wasn't its ending. Visit our corporate site. People who are born unable to hear suddenly can. You will receive a verification email shortly. Things change during a game’s development, and they generally change to ensure that the game provides consistent fun. They have 20 years before Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, so they could easily add some storyline in. But one of the things we also wanted to do was put compounds more into the city hubs themselves, so that it’s a mix of both. I certainly understand why people would be upset and offended, and yet at the same time if we’re not able to explore these complex issues then what are we able to do? Some of it was history, although we have departed from it quite a bit for the future. 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