However, at the bottom of the fedex tracking page, it lists "special Instructions" which says "Deliver Wednesday." delivery exception, future delivery requested. Fedex knows the dorm is closed and has planned on delivering it when it reopens. I'm only 3 hours away in Nashville. Still have questions? They usually came back the next day, and they will attempt 3 time to deliver the package (once on a different day). I am in Georgia and the fedex delivery date is Wed. How could the phones be sitting at Fed Ex for a while when they were just shipped out Friday night / Saturday morning ? Had this happen with my iPad pre-order as well. That's odd. Are the days of 3rd party launchers numbered? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Incorrect, the phones were sitting at Fed ex for awhile, That's why they say that. Order is from Wal-Mart and have had FedEx delivery to me many times. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. If the phones were supposed to be held for a delivery of 5/23, then the tracking would say delivery on 5/23, not 5/21, 5/22. There's no way it should take 3 days from Memphis to Ga. You might be able to call the store and ask for a re-deliver attempt, however depending on the shipment service used, (Ground vs. Express) they might charge a fee for this. One time it said due to weather. They didn't get it to you on time, or they forgot about it, so they will give it to you later, or as soon as they can. FedEx has scanned my phone 7 times and it has not left Memphis yet. Carrier Specific Samsung Galaxy S4 Help & Discussion. Thus "future delivery". they would be double working, and wasting gas. You will need to select By Door Tag from the drop down menu, enter your tracking number, email address and phone number. The door tag contains the time and location of the FedEx location where you can walk and get your parcel. Do you think its fair for someone to be your boss at work if they have never done your job? FedEx really needs to do something about a better delivery service. Presented below are three receivables transactions. Verizon and Fed ex wouldn't give you a delivery date if it wasn't going to meet them. I am guessing that is what "Future Delivery" means. What now. What do you think of the answers? Get your answers by asking now. A delivery exception occurs when there is a package that is temporarily delayed in transit. I ordered some textbooks for university and had them sent to my dorm, but as I'm on break I won't be back up there until the Sunday before classes begin. ? VPN Deal! What does that mean There are few reasons which trigger the message “FedEx: Delivery exception – Future delivery requested”. They stole their photos! Get answers by asking now. View answers to common FedEx Delivery Manager Questions asked by customers like you.Check the FedEx Delivery Manager® frequently asked questions to help you manage delivery options, times and locations, and to track all of your FedEx packages. Hole punch necessary in screen protector? The first scan said "picked up". Can't see all internal storage files when plugging phone into computer while using Windows Explorer, quote key on keyboard doesn't space after last word, My Best buy store is not honoring its initial MSRP quote. Fedex Delivery Exception, "future delivery requested"? Fedex Delivery Exception, "future delivery requested"? Whenever Fed ex receives packages, but aren't going out right away, it's considered Future date requested. I don't think the above answer is accurate, either. you computer? The date shown for delivery is correct. When the sender of the parcel asks FedEx to hold the parcel until a certain date. Is it possible that the "Future delivery requested" indicates to FedEx to sit on the package until Thursday? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. we just dont want it to be correct and are all delusional because we hope the phone will come today. The one from Monday morning says "shipping information sent to FedEx.". When accessing the site, you will be prompted with the below screen. If you sign up for alerts by email then there is no need to send a truck to your door that is why you did not get a notice. I am willing to be that the "future delivery requested" means that Fedex has been instructed to hold the package and not deliver it until Wednesday. ? Save an insane 73% on a new IPVanish subscription for a limited time. I don't know if y'all noticed it on your FedEx shipping status, but mine indicates "Future delivery requested" under the "Picked up" activity entry. I've seen other people have this problem with packages delivered to their houses but a) it's not something I can pick up/sign for myself and b) there are no Fedex pickup locations there. I was tracking the package with the books and it originally said they would be delivered today, then I checked today and it says the... For the best answers, search on this site If they are being instructed to hold the packages until 5/23 it should say it near the top. Have gotten Delivery Exception 4 times for the same package. How long has the virus scanner been under device care? There is no possible way it honestly takes them that long to get a small box three hours up the road. My overall estimated delivery is still Tuesday 5/21. I don't know if y'all noticed it on your FedEx shipping status, but mine indicates "Future delivery requested" under the "Picked up" activity entry.

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