Good guy or bad guy, as long as they are super-human, they either try to convince them to live a normal life or terminate them. "[62], David Sims of The Atlantic compared the film to Batman Returns and Incredibles 2: "I appreciate the sheer brashness of Shyamalan's storytelling, which swirls the mythmaking inherent in characters such as David with the emotional scars borne by orphaned characters such as Superman. The film is a crossover and sequel to Shyamalan's previous films Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016) and the third and final installment in the Unbreakable trilogy a.k.a. The authorities are currently on his tail too. While the beast is grateful to him initially for aiding in his creation, he attacks him nonetheless for Kevin’s sake and the psychological torture he endured as a result of his actions, easily crushing many of his bones in the process, rendering him powerless. We’ll get back to this in the end. I leave you with his closing monologue. Elijah had earlier predicted the finale to be like a showdown of a ‘limited run’, the ultimate good vs. evil battle, the hero and villain fighting it out for the world to see. Mr. Glass calls this an Origin Story because this event, of the whole world getting to know about The Beast and David, will result in other people, who suspect Super Powers within themselves, to embrace it and come out with it. He’s been badly wounded by The Beast and he dies from the wounds. [45], Glass was theatrically released on January 18, 2019, in the United States and Canada by Universal Pictures and in international territories by Buena Vista International, a sub-division of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. David engages Kevin in a brief battle until armed forces led by Dr. Ellie Staple intervene and imprison them at the Raven Hill Memorial Mental Institute. Staples interrupts and allows David to touch her hand to allow him to know that she’s part of the secret society. Glass is a 2019 American psychological superhero thriller film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who also produced with Jason Blum, Marc Bienstock, and Ashwin Rajan. David is super strong and is an empath, meaning he can feel a person’s emotions or their actions on coming in contact with them. The film Glass is pretty straight forward. David’s cell is fitted with water jets as water is his weakness. On the contrary, this is what most superhero films today fail to do, providing only surface level entertainment at best. Mr. Glass suggests that the opening of the tallest building is the most ideal event to show off the powers as many news channels will be covering it. Apart from being remarkably well written to the point of making you as an audience question the existence of superhumans in Shyamalan’s shared universe, as you find yourself recollecting and throwing logics at Staple’s rationalising arguments, it is also visually stunning and meticulously shot. Crumb had initially been written into the script for Unbreakable, but Shyamalan felt there were balancing issues with his inclusion and removed him from the story. [51] The film then finished first for a third straight weekend, grossing $9.5 million,[52] before finally being dethroned in its fourth weekend, grossing $6.3 million and finishing fifth. As part of her final evaluation, Staple brings the three men to a room where she challenges them with explanations of why their seemingly superhuman abilities are not extraordinary. Adam David Thompson as Daryl: An employee at the psych ward. [38], Deleted footage from Unbreakable was used as flashbacks to Elijah and Joseph's childhood. Kevin and David become confused and distraught while Elijah remains catatonic. "[63] Praise was also reserved for McAvoy who "once again [was] top notch" and "lit up the screen with his eerie physicality every time he appears. ‘Split’ would be the second act, the setting up of the final conflict, and the introduction of a physically equal supervillain for our superhero, the nemesis being the mental equal. That there are people with extraordinary skills and their intentions can either make them Heroes or Villains. Shyamalan obtained permission from Disney to reuse the character of Dunn. Whoever these people are who don’t want us to know the truth, today, they lose. Elijah then manipulates David into fighting the Beast by revealing his plan to destroy a chemical lab inside a new skyscraper, the Osaka Tower in Philadelphia that would kill thousands. In that, ‘Glass’ would be the finale, the showdown, as Mr. Glass terms it. However, as his plan is realised, Mr. Glass’ story arc comes full circle as he dies, repeating what he told Dunn in ‘Unnbreakable’ to his mother, that he wasn’t a mistake, and his life and struggle had found meaning through this. Despite interest in a sequel, Touchstone Pictures opted not to finance one. He believes that other super-powered people will rise when they see the powers on display. [50] In its second weekend the film fell 53% to $19 million (a steeper drop than Split's 35%), albeit retaining the top spot at the box office. David saves them, and he fights off The Beast. A sequel to both Unbreakable and Split, Glass picks up the stories of David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) from the former, and Kevin Wendell Crumb aka The Horde (James McAvoy) from the latter. Together, they track down Kevin Wendell Crumb, the "Horde", at an abandoned factory where he holds four cheerleaders hostage. These personalities were born because of his abusive mother who he was alone with after his father left on a train to never return. This is a rather smart spin on the classic good and evil analogy in superhero folklore, the films do a good job at providing psychological insights into the very doubts that conversely transform a regular being into something greater. Come to think of it, ‘Unbreakable’ is like the introduction or the first act, the discovery of the hero’s powers and his eventual acceptance of them, while a nemesis is born. Elijah's mother Mrs. Price, Joseph Dunn, and Casey Cooke, a victim who survived Kevin/the Horde's captivity, try and fail to convince Staple superhumans are real. This makes a lot more sense when the final extent of Mr. Glass’ actual plan is revealed, as his recordings from inside the facility cameras are circulated in the outside world. Click to browse all his film articles, Glass Movie: Explained (2019 Film Plot and Ending), Blood Punch Explained (And Meaning Of The Ending), 48 Best Time Travel Movies Ranked By BaTTR Score, The Half of It: Identifying Oneself Before Finding The Better Half, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things: Explained Simply, Braid Movie Explained (Plot Analysis & Ending Explained), Donnie Darko (2001) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, Twelve Monkeys / 12 Monkeys (1995) : Plot Ending Explained, Nelyubov / Loveless (2017) : Movie Ending Explained, The Skin I Live In: Ending Explained (2011 Spanish Film), Netflix DARK: Family Tree Explained In Detail (All Seasons). Then we have Kevin Crumb, aka "The Horde,"on the other end; he's already kidnapped a new group of cheerleaders, whom he fully intends on mutilating. Additionally, Shannon Destiny Ryan, Diana Silvers, Nina Wisner, and Kyli Zion portrayed the cheerleaders at the start of the film whom one of Kevin's personalities kidnapped. [34] Principal photography began on October 2, 2017, in Philadelphia, following a week of rehearsals,[35] with plans for a thirty-nine–day shoot. In another twist, Staple finds the tables turned on her when she learns that she’d been duped by meticulous planning from Mr. Glass himself. Mr. Glass sabotages the lobotomy machine preempting that Dr. [55], On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 37% based on 377 reviews, with an average rating of 5.12/10. He was now responsible for the discovery of two other superhumans and revealing to the world their identities, including the possibility of several new ones among the world. And as a result, Dr. Staples’ men drown and kill David. Bruce Willis, I believe that if everyone sees what just a few people become when they wholly embrace their gifts, others will awaken. Dr. Staples’ men arrive. The same is vocally confirmed by Staple when she walks up to a dying Elijah, telling him that he could find solace in his death knowing all his theories about the existence of superpowered beings were correct, and that the organisation she was a part of could simply not allow that to be revealed, having maintained social ‘balance’ and ‘order’ for thousands of years, remarking there could not be “gods amongst us”. This included securing the rights to use Willis's Unbreakable character from Walt Disney Studios, with the promise of including Disney within the production and distribution of this third film alongside Universal Pictures. As “Glass” opens, we know David Dunn, now known in Philadelphia as the mysterious protector called the Overseer and working with his son (Spencer Treat Clark), is a superhero. "[64], M. Night Shyamalan has been asked numerous times if there would be any sequel for Glass. Mrs. Price, Joseph, and Casey get copies of the recordings. Upon returning to his cell, Elijah reveals he sabotaged the surgical laser and kills his caretaker Daryl before freeing Kevin.

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