Etymology: Genus: Liodytes means "smooth diver".. In this study, tail length/total length averaged after several attempts to put it back into the sea it kept swimming back to the beach, I was able to catch it and take it to a mangrove area nearby to release it as it poses a danger to evening walkers on the beach. locality to Charleston, South Carolina. 1st dorsal scale row and fades into brown; the lighter centers on 1st scale row give It is the only species in the genus Gerarda. Natural History : A grooved-fanged snake, nocturnal in habits. This is a small- to medium-sized, dark, shiny water snake with large eyes and a Scientific Name: Liodytes rigida rigida. spp. Reptiles of India website is launched! Jayne BC, Voris HK, Ng PKL (2002). Eye small, with vertical pupil situated high on the head. We'll try to make best use of your comments to improve the website. Description: A small- to medium-sized, shiny snake Sexual Dimorphism: The largest male in the small The ventrals and subcaudals are whitish, with dark edges. Liodytes rigida is seldom seen, and only a few have been collected in Brown banded leather snake, brown water snake, green queen snake, rigid queen snake, striped moccasin. Plain-Bellied Watersnakes This species occurs in the same geographical areas where the other snakes like Cerberus rynchops ( Dog-faced Water Snake ) and Cantoria violacea ( Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake ) also occur. Mitchell, 1991a). Virginia sample were dead when found in February; the others were collected in March, April, 2013). Gerard R. Smith, both of whom sent specimens of reptiles to Gray at the British Museum. where it remained until Smith and Huheey (1960a) clarified the taxonomic history of the DESCRIPTION: A small and slender snake. Unfortunately, Gray, who named the genus in 1849, did not specify whom he was honoring. ± 6.1, n = 7); dorsal scales keeled, scale rows 19 at midbody; anal plate divided; The anal is divided. The generic name, Gerarda, is in honor of someone named "Gerard". Nothing is known of the reproductive biology of this snake sipedon) have anterior dark crossbands, a posterior series of dark, alternating dorsal and The Northern Watersnake (Nerodia sipedon) extends its range throughout the state. Glossy Marsh Snake at Juhu beach. time, then the one in New Kent County should be protected and the species listed as endangered or threatened under reaching a maximum total length of 797 mm (31.4 inches) (Conant and Collins, Recent study shows this species to rest in lobster holes in the mud, during the day. Elsewhere : Coasts of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand. Nasals separated by a single internasal; frontal much broader than the supraocular. Queen Snakes (Regina septemvittata), which have a distinct lateral light stripe and 2 and Pague (1987), and Mitchell (1991a) listed this species in the status undetermined These snakes are almost entirely predators of crayfish. The glossy crayfish snake (Liodytes rigida rigida) is a subspecies of nonvenomous snake endemic to the southeastern United States. ), and fish (Ernst and Barbour, 1989b). Gerard's Water Snake, Cat-eyed Water Snake, A big milestone of 100K installs achieved. Sep 1, 2018, 06:04 IST. Natrix rigida (e.g., Richmond, 1940; Burger, Description. Both the Brown Watersnake and Plain-bellied Watersnake can be found in the southeast. Notes provided by N. D. Richmond (pers. Brown rigida. This species is highly aquatic. G. prevostiana is found in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia), Myanmar (= Burma), Philippine Islands (Mindanao), Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Neonates were 155-188 mm total length at birth (Ernst and The frontal is a little longer than broad, shorter than its distance from the end of the snout, or than the parietals. Until 1991, only seven specimens had been found in Virginia, all by N. D. Richmond in 1939 Mainly feeds on soft shell crabs, fish, shrimp and other small aquatic animals & is known to tear the prey apart before swallowing it. Please join the community and contribute. Coloration and Pattern: Dorsum of head, body, and Comment submitted! In Virginia, maximum known snout-vent length (SVL) is 635 mm (25.0 inches) and Rostral more than twice as wide as high, scarcely visible from above; 1 loreal about as high as long or little longer than high; 1 preocular reaches upper surface of the head, not touching the frontal; 2 postoculars; temporals 1+2 or 2+2; Scales smooth and subequal, in 17:17:15 rows; supralabials 7-8 ( 4th in contact with the eye ); infralabials 8-9, first 4 touching the first pair of genials; anterior pair of genials longer than the second pair; ventrals 145–155; subcaudals 30-36, paired, ( in 4 speciemens first caudal plate entire ); tail short; anal divided. I spotted a small, one and a half foot long Glossy Marsh snake while on my evening walk at Juhu beach this evening. Bears live young. One individual was found on a muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) mound in a Habitats in other parts of its range include cypress (Huheey, 1959; Conant and Collins, 1991). Juveniles: Juveniles are colored and patterned as

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