About advertising with Comparison Shopping Services. Privacy Policy | Legal Notice | Cookie Policy, gives us access to new Google features that are. Google Ads is Google’s Advertising platform where users search queries are matched keywords in order to provide you with the most relevant results. Enjoy benefits: choose a CSS Partner and benefit from their expertise. Call us: 0860 767 052Email us: sales@webpartner.co.za. Through our partnerships we are able to strengthen our offers, deliver the best service and provide better pricing to our clients. Being a Premier Google Partner gives us access to new Google features that are ahead of the industry as well as updated information regarding PPC trends and insight. Offer your merchants a campaign creation tool that has created and optimized more than 96,000 ecommerce stores of different platforms such as Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce and Bigcommerce. A Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is a website that collects product offers from online retailers and then sends users to the retailers’ websites to make a purchase. By including Adwords in your digital marketing strategy, you’ll be able to optimize on the intent of potential new clients who may already be searching for the product of services you offer. We love to partner with other ecommerce apps so that we can join together to offer more complete services for our users. Your listing will include your business name, a short description of your organization, partner type, and the … Find your partner: browse through the profiles in the Partner directory to find the right partner for you. Domains / Hosting. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Being a Google Premier Partner means we meet Google’s highest standards and criteria by maintaining a very high level of quality in our Google Ads campaigns.By joining us, you will have access to our expertise and you can take advantage of our access to the Google Beta products. Join Clever ecommerce and improve your Services Portfolio with the guarantee of a Premier Google Partner. After completing an in-depth training, CSS Partners can help to maximise the potential of Shopping ads, making access seamless for merchants. When you become certified as a Google Ads Partner, you’ll be listed in the Marketing Platform Directory. Merchants need to work with at least one CSS to begin placing Shopping ads. With the guarantee of a Google Premier Partner. More than 96,000 stores from different ecommerce platform all around the world have already automated their Google Ads campaigns with Clever ecommerce. Join us and take advantage of our expertise! Get all the details you need to become a Comparison Shopping Partner or Service. Affordable Website Design in South Africa. We ensure that your Adwords campaign are optimized and structured in a way to be the most cost-efficient lead generation platform. Facebook Advertising. Saving human resources and maximizing the return on investment in Google Ads. Social Media Management. We pride ourselves to be a Certified Google Partner and to ensure that our specialist team maintains their annual Google Certifications in order to provide you with an affordable and professional Adwords solution. Partners who've earned either badge can add it to their website, other online properties, and offline marketing materials to show that Google recognizes their company as a certified CSS Partner. If your profile does not fit the companies listed above, do not hesitate to contact us, we also want to hear from you. Website Development. The CSS Partner program helps Comparison Shopping Services (CSSs) and merchants to connect more effectively with shoppers through Shopping ads. For merchants: How can I benefit from the CSS Partner program? Who are these search partners exactly? Get satisfaction: Google certified CSS Partners can help you to make the most of Shopping ads. Google Ads. Whether you are an agency or freelance, we are open to managing different partnerships with any company or independent professional involved in digital marketing. Find Out More: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.document.getElementById('cloak62897942a62683d11454359a64b0675d').innerHTML='';var prefix='ma'+'il'+'to';var path='hr'+'ef'+'=';var addy62897942a62683d11454359a64b0675d='marketing'+'@';addy62897942a62683d11454359a64b0675d=addy62897942a62683d11454359a64b0675d+'webpartner'+'.'+'co'+'.'+'za?subject=I am Interested in Adwords Please Contact Me';var addy_text62897942a62683d11454359a64b0675d='marketing'+'@'+'webpartner'+'.'+'co'+'.'+'za';document.getElementById('cloak62897942a62683d11454359a64b0675d').innerHTML+=''+addy_text62897942a62683d11454359a64b0675d+'<\/a>'; For us to remain ahead of the game we partner with the best players who are the industry trend setters and developers of the best technology solutions for business. By including Adwords in your digital marketing strategy, you’ll be able to optimize on the intent of potential new clients who may already be searching for the product of services you offer. Transinfo is now Google GSuite Authorised Partner in Kolkata - For Sales, Technical Support, Guidance and Setup. At Web Partner, we are proud to have the most experienced and specialist Adwords professionals, doing our bidding. It also works on a bidding strategy, where an Adwords specialist will set up a campaign for your website, using specific keywords to promote you, and bid against those keywords in order to drive traffic and conversions on your site. When using Google Ads Keyword Planner, you have probably noticed that in the Targeting settings, you can select either “Google” or “Google and search partners“. Das Google Partner-Logo zeigt, dass die entsprechenden Partner Zertifizierungsprüfungen zu Google Ads-Produkten bestanden haben und über die neuesten Produktkenntnisse verfügen. Get Listed as a Google Partner on the Marketing Platform Directory. Clever ecommerce technology uses Machine Learning and Big Data for Google Ads automation and optimization. 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