That was cheap, but still not cheap enough for the masses. Clara Ford saved this 1896 receipt. 1919 saw Henry and his son, Edsel, acquire the interest of all minority stockholders for $105,568,858 and become the sole owners of the company. Henry Ford was not a newcomer to the business of automobile manufacturing. The Quadricycle had started it all and the Model T had changed the world, but by 1927, both had become obsolete. The culmination of his experiments was the building of a self-propelled vehicle – the Quadricycle – in 1896. The right is reserved to change specifications, colours of the models and items illustrated and described on this website at any time. The first car built by the company, was sold on 23 July 1903, and Henry became President before becoming the Controlling Owner three years later. The production time for a single car dropped from over 12 hours to just 93 minutes due to the introduction of the assembly line. Click the drop-down menu below and make your selection. This tap and die set was used by Henry Ford when building the Quadricycle. More and more machines were used to reduce the complexity within the 84 defined areas. In a small brick shed behind the Fords' rented home on Bagley Avenue in Detroit, Henry fine tunes a part of the car while his wife Clara looks on, darning socks. Ford knew absolutely nothing about running a business though, and his first two ventures would ultimately fail. The story begins in Springwells Township, Wayne County, Michigan, on 30 July 1863, when Henry was the first-born of William and Mary Ford’s six children. Within the next three years, additional innovative techniques were incorporated and, on December 1, 1913, the first large-scale assembly line was officially in working order. Ford Motor Company shifted its focus toward production of the new Model A. Henry Ford transformed the storage shed behind his family's rented duplex at 58 Bagley Avenue in Detroit into a workshop. The use of interchangeable parts allowed for continuous workflow and more time on task by laborers. Ford consulted with Frederick Taylor, creator of scientific management, to examine the most efficient modes of production. Imagery and information shown throughout this website may not reflect latest UK specifications, colours may vary, options and/or accessories may be featured at additional cost and locations and vehicles used may be outside of the UK. After resigning as president of Ford Motor Company for the second time during September 1945, Henry was succeeded by his grandson, Henry Ford II. Ford's popular exhibits and demonstrations -- pictured here in the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition Ford Building -- generated lots of publicity. She serves as a consultant for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the USC Shoah Foundation. You can select the language displayed on our website. Explore our Digital Collections and curate your own set of artifacts to share with others. The original shed had been torn down, so he reportedly used bricks from a wall of the Bagley Avenue residence instead. His business partners reportedly found Ford frustrating to deal with. The script lettering was first used on company communications at the start of 1903. By 1906, a more developed form of script appeared with long-tailed ‘F’ and ‘D’ letters – known as the ‘script with wings’. The same year he posed for this photograph, Ford completed his first horseless carriage, the Quadricycle, with the help of some of his coworkers. This oval was used to advertise the Ford as the ‘hallmark for reliability and economy’. While the average consumer does not think of this fact often, this 100-year-old innovation by a car manufacturer in Michigan changed the way we live and work forever. At peak, there were eleven basic model bodies, with 5,000 custom gadgets that were manufactured by external companies that could be selected by the customers. Henry Ford designed his first moving assembly line in 1913, and revolutionised the manufacturing processes of his Ford Model T. This assembly line, at the first Ford plant in Highland Park, Michigan, became the benchmark for mass production methods around the world. The Quadricycle was Henry Ford's first attempt to build a gasoline-powered automobile. 1896 Ford Quadricycle Runabout, First Car Built by Henry Ford. As time passed, Ford used assembly lines more flexibly than he is generally given credit for. He continued experimenting until every practice was refined, and his mass production vision became a reality.

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