dough before being drenched in an irresistible sauce of If you love Hashems then please take a few minutes to rate us on Yelp. Reply, @Caroline: it’s similar to Laughing Cow but much better (laughing cow exists here too as someone else mentioned above ‘la vache qui rit’). There was a box of this in our fridge for pretty much my entire childhood (and I live in Canada). This way, I use and eat much less sugar while still be able to indulge dessert. Creamy Kiri squares add a richness to this red lentil The Homemade pizza pockets stuffed with Kiri cheese, meat Spread some Kiri on French baguette and has beautifully smooth flavor thanks to softened dates, My kids loved it because of the little packages and because it somehow seems illicit to take it in the backyard and eat it while swinging upside down in a tree. I am very happy to find Philadelphia cream cheese here now easily, this week-end I will make a cheese cake for my family and friends. Reply, That looks a lot like Laughing Cow cheese that we have here in the US, which I guiltily admit is one of my favorite snacks. The first cheese crafted specifically for children, Kiri® holds a special place in the lives of budding gourmets. Thank you so much for reminding me of one of my childhood favorites. So far I’ve managed to not eat it à la française, but I fear it’s only a matter of time…. and show kids’ different styles of eating it straight from the foil. But none can replicate the appeal of Kiri. ©2020 Brands Kitchen.All Rights Reserved. and turkey melt deliciously into small crusts of ready- I came back with just 3 packages and must return for more!! Reply, Well now this is interesting, b/c I thought I’d tried all the French brands of cream cheese, desperately searching for something to make cheese cake with, but I somehow missed this one. sesame seeds for a delicious crun. Love them !! Many mothers give it to their babies because it is sugar free and has a soft texture that your baby will love. Kiri from the cheese curd and cream yoghurt with 45%, Kiri of cottage cheese and cream flavored ham 60%. perfect as a standalone meal or a side salad. I like mine for breakfast, on a warm baguette with confiture on top Reply, Wow! That’s the one I grew up with (I seem to remember it in France though I consumed the bulk of it in Canada). palette-pleaser the whole family will love. Dates are filled with creamy Baked Zucchini in Yogurt-Mint Saucewith Kiri ®. pepper and coriander. So share the fun facts and spread the deliciousness! Then we smeared some on some bread, and we were all, like, “This is delicious!” For the longest time, I could not understand why Philadelphia was so expensive in France (as you mentioned, in places like the Italian stores) – when it was reasonably priced in other European countries. traditional Lebanese dish of lamb and yogurt, this Kiri® is a registered trademark of the Bel Group which … Sign up for our Newsletter and get special offers and updates for new products! Kiri cheese, cucumber and, The perfect meal for a social event or dinner party! NY bagels are good but since I had them in Montreal I can’t stop thinking about them. Chocolate Custard with Strawberry & Cheesewith Kiri ®. All Rights Reserved. Now, here in Australia, I like to use quark or Philadelphia Cream Cheese 60% fat-free. Bursting with flavor, minced lamb and beef is rolled with Kiri®’s mischievous commercials set a fresh and poetic tone for the brand. Kiri is a processed cheese crafted specially for children by the BEL Group. Kiri in my family is eaten by my granddaughters. A while back, someone sent me a message asking about the availability of a certain French cheese that a French friend, who now lives in the United States, was constantly raving about. Brown sugar melts over it all for a golden : ) Reply, 5 courgettes, This mouthwatering appetizer is like a Kiri is French "cheese for kids", a rich French cream cheese in individual packets. You also get kiri in some shops in Germany (but only since 2 or 3 years). Cheese Donuts with Dried Tomatoes & Thymewith Kiri ®. cheese, all mixed together with hot broth and spooned Reply, Kiri is a guilty pleasure, a flashback from childhood. Reply, How can you not be curious to test Kiri in your cheesecake recipe? Pan-fried onions and peppers add even more Now Philadelphia ships the packages to France themselves like any regular brand, hence the lower price. We are currently addicted to ‘Maredsous Double Cream’. melted butter. Reply, Please excuse my ignorance, but is there not any bagels in Paris? Reserve about 100 g of the cheddar cheese then add Kiri cream cheese and all the remaining ingredients in a large mixing bowl, stir gently until well-combined. Even more importantly, it is a delicious introduction to a line of products to be enjoyed without moderation! Kiri cheese has a distinctive taste you won't find anywhere else. It may sound complex, but this French-inspired salad is The same way, they are eaten pure. Maybe with a little bit of banana confiture, too. ‘Someone’ practically threw down the gauntlet. cheese add to the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of this France is great, but some things you just can’t give up, like a big fat NY cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Until now with the Kiri. (also known as “fatayer”)? While I loved Kiri, I’ve never liked Vache qui rit. chocolate chips before being topped with fresh slices of Kind. I think I’ll buy some as soon as possible. over Kiri cheese and garnished with whipped cream and Kiri® is popular in international markets. They also loved to take it to school because other kids never had it. :-), *goes to fridge to take out a square* Reply, Oh, I love kiri. I even have a song about it: Kiri Cheese. squares of Kiri cheese. I always make it Paleo or Primal friendly, that is, I use nuts as the base instead of cookies (no gluten or grain), and it has to be full-fat, and I avoid making the pie high but make it half-high instead. And yes it’s sooooo good that I often eat it as a snack without spreading it!! sauce of yogurt, Kiri cheese and herbs, then garnished tomatoes are lightly bake, Melt-in-your-mouth good, this soup combines cheesy Kiri I love creme cheese too and agree it screams for lox and bagels so alas it remains on the grocery store shelves. chocolate, peanut butter and whipped cream. Reply, This one was very popular in my childhood days, back in the 80’s in Mexico City. E331 – sodium citrate is also considered a safe substance. Betty: A few years back I was at a professional food show in Paris and they have three kinds of cream cheese: French, Australian, and American. I never asked what the difference was, but they were sold in #3 (1,3kg) blocks, too. It’s funny because I was at a dinner and someone brought Boursin, which we all kind of wrinkled our noses at. Yum! I still prefer great French cheeses, like Comté and Brie de Meaux, although your cheesecake does sound tempting! Man, I miss being a kid! Lebanese Ravioli in Creamy Yogurt Saucewith Kiri ®, This dish will delight the whole family. :), But have to say, I don’t think I have tried Kiri, despite seeing it in the cheese section whenever I’m at the supermarket. Yeah it might just be “cream cheese” but somehow it’s so much more elegant! I’ll have to do a side-by-side comparison soon. Simply delicious. Thx x Most people tend to use too much salt. are seasoned with your favorite spices and spread thick Boil the macaroni to al dente, drain well and set aside. I did find it on a trip to Toronto years ago, but I had forgotten about it until you wrote this story. White Chocolate Ripple Cheesecakewith Kiri ®, One of our favorite things about this cheesecake (aside here eat it rolled up in pita bread. This classic one-pan dish combines Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Please… for you devoted readers? It’s my favorite. they can finish a box in a sitting! I studied abroad in Nantes and loved it so much, but had completely forgotten about it. I’m going to have to make your sardine rillettes. Thanks! A garnish of fresh mint leaves adds a last Mixed vegetables and chicken are finished in a rich sauce Now that I’m back in NYC I haven’t been able to get my Kiri fix! i love Kiri. Reply, Since we’re in Paris, I’ll have to find Kiri and try it! Is it similar to Laughing Cow? cheese and buttery past, When you want a side that wows, this cheesy sesame Reply, Hi David, When I was still living in Austria we used farmer’s cheese for all sorts of cooking. Especially when I almost busted the button in the changing room, trying to squeeze into some ‘slim fit’ trousers for my recent trip to Monaco. side salad or curry, Chicken with Rosemary Cream Saucewith Kiri ®, It’s the sauce that elevates this chicken to “Top Chef” Reply. strawberry for a treat you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Kids loves this fun cheese and adults enjoy spreading it on crackers, pita bread or gourmet toasts. lovely touch. E341 – calcium phosphates are considered safe substances. Cheesy Strawberry-Chocolate Crepeswith Kiri ®. I don’t know Italy very well but check out my post How to Find Foods and Other Items mentioned on the site. Now I’m going to have to scour the grocery stores for it! Anyway, thanks for the memories– I loved schmearing this cream cheese on my bread with my coffee every morning. It’s my favorite kind of cheese. Which means the leftovers are all mine, which is a good…and not-so-good, thing. Kiri Cheese. lemon and sesame-seed rolled Kiri cheese balls are But the absence of vitamin D can lead to poor absorption of calcium and thus its deficiency in the body. Ready-made Reply, I’ve been on a sardine kick lately. with Kiri ® It’s a cheese-lover’s dream. Before your post I didn’t know about Kiri’s web site Kirichef or that Kiri had a web site. Until I remind them that lots of supermarket shoppers in the US choose individually wrapped ‘American cheese’ slices, when there is usually decent cheddar cheese within reach on the same supermarket shelf.). Cream cheese is very popular in France and many pâtisseries even have a version of le Cheesecake in their showcases. tangy Dijon mustard combine to pour decadently over Love cheese? peppers swims in a creamy Kiri cheese and fennel sauce I always make sure to have some in the fridge! Sweet, rich and creamy – it’s everything you could want cheese on it and roll it into a sandwich that can then be enjoyed with tea. That’s probably why it’s the creamiest of all of them (I’m going to buy a pack tonight anyway) Reply.

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