Michael Cook, Partner, Claims Advisory Lead, PwC UK. Coordinated future mantenance requirements with floor operations, sales and plant leaders. Anna Vidgen reflects on the skill sets that the future claims workforce will need, and what organisations need to start doing to prepare for this. If a robot can do that, then I think that we should absolutely be looking to use that and to utilise that technology. Program Management, Project Management, Defense Analysis, Mission-Critical Business & Operations Continuity, Government Interagency Experience, Multi-Site Field Operations, Facility Management, Disaster Planning, Distributed Mission Training, Senior Military Officer, Combat Operations, Commander. The main take away from the ‘claims workforce of the future’ report was the focus on the people. Led by the UK partnership, a smaller number of Deloitte Haskins & Sells member firms rejected the merger with Touche Ross and shortly thereafter merged with Coopers & Lybrand to form Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte (later to merge with Price Waterhouse to become PwC). Michael Cook, Dip CII Partner, PwC - Claims Advisory and London Market Consulting Lead. 1985-1989 F-117 Follow on and Test Evaluation Pilot. h��[�۶ǿ Battle Staff Director on the morning of 9/11. �y#�`P�T�����1���������^LWevs���/�iֻf��}���������U��2��?�tVf��e������*�2Qn�Hr�^��?v��>�k�?�]�}k��~�8�&���7���q����_��嬚TO/����dU-�^\�翕/���b1-P�x�j5�/A�׿��Fc�|�z��]9��Z� �ݖ���6{3-�W�){3�U77�W�Q����]+���Ӌ���}-�U�d����T7�� ��8=y_�ܾ�Dj \��b:�F�jYV����G�����,5���OKv%0�U��_�y�?jLo��,��2�R� �x���bUR��:�4=��m���1l�=$3x��"� K-HC��g�y����\�f�eRq˭r'�ƴ�a 2wfH�Ez�;4*�h`L2"��5���Q "� S������d��P�F��{(>4qK(�j9�~�b꜈�#BѸ'���nH{�@C%� �܆v��ĽZ:��|�m���;�����}s���aG��`'�S���i1�cy��“X��%�]�=M>�hc�4������z��l���,W a���O���n�@�y��F��9�].�6��� �c��e�T����ŷ��htw?���z�j�>P����_:�Y� ��#���ѝ�$ɱ���.I�t!�=������;iDJq�Hu�H6��ܡ��)�Ԏ�5�Cߪ;ŖCࣄ��3��ī�k�a�a�q|��HF��� Directed command guidance and program requirements. Monitored, supported and coordinated all mission activities in Southeast Asia for US Air Force Central Headquarters (USAFCENT/HQ). 1979-1980 Officer Training School, Medina Annex Lackland AFB, TX and Pilot Training, Enid AFB, OK. Outstanding team builder requested by Executive Leadership for ability to forge lasting interpersonal relationships with management and staff based on trust, communications and proactive problem solving. © 2015 - Mon Oct 19 19:20:27 UTC 2020 PwC. +�A��!��>|��:�0���N�-f������f����41c��a�]9���&��}�X��)�V(�q�P�v�g~��|4l�Ch}Ʈ��!�a:�/������ӟ�|�4A����x�l�ı4��(���2��q�� �41gI�#s�-sQ���^@]Ңxdy.2��w��{FR���!�IYͭ�����)sR�IwoT�T!���BcʝRM�#(��w�4�(�F�S�:� L!N�z 2M{k���7�!�^��v&�O���I�ufS^���6u"IM��Mh��Yz���؎�1!Oi|����з��twƧ��,��kd�jP�? From December 2015 to Present (1 month) Program Manager, Det -1 609th Combined Air Operations Center @ Program Manager, Continuity of Operations, Alion Science and Technology, 2008 to Present. http://www.michael-cook.me/, Founder and CEO @ Technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies, commercial organizations and foreign governments. Hannah Purves, Markel International, Claims Director. The themes from the report very much are being discussed by us as a board, both through formal meetings, but also very much on a day-to-day level. You can change your settings on the Cookies information page: you need to accept Advertising cookies to see this YouTube video. Michael Cook Partner, Claims Advisory Leader and Insurance Blockchain Lead, PwC United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 7711 562 567 . Celine Herweijer. ;/P普m�v�$���]Y�*j��1>� �}�������~�����?��K �_�V�bY�FOi��.珋e��쉶0 dD�: +44 (0) 207 213 2015. Register and add content to your list. View Michael Cook’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Inevitably people are afraid of new technology. Lee Elliston discusses what the Lloyd's Market needs to do to prepare for changes in technology, including how they continue to ensure the customer is at the... Hannah Purves talks about making diversity central to the workforce and ways in which this can be done. Michael Cook, Dip CII Partner, PwC - Claims Advisory and London Market Consulting Lead London, United Kingdom 500+ connections 1983-1985 A-10 Pilot and Weapons Instructor. In the area of core insurance operations we can help in many ways: Practical and innovative development of transformation strategy, with technology as an enabler. Michael has 3 jobs listed on their profile. %PDF-1.4 %���� The claims workforce is so important because it is the primary point of engagement between an insurer and their customer. Michael has 4 jobs listed on their profile. Command Pilot They also understand that new and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain should be part of the answer, yet they struggle to make sense of the myriad of new InsurTech start-ups and technology opportunities. h�b```b``�g`c`0ffb@ !V�(�&�#�XO*�Nb@�6����Q�*WX>��=b�T��5(!�� @��QP�o����������XlV� S:�5c� ��9l{�1�ٰ��ű0 ��e��z��E�C%L�,����e� This is precisely where we can provide insight, experience and practical support. 518 0 obj <>stream 1989-1991 F16 Pilot, Flight Commander, Moody AFB, GA. Desert Storm 39 missions. � Michael Cook, Partner, Claims Advisory Lead, PwC UKThe claims workforce is so important because it Start adding content to your list by clicking on the star icon included in each card, Partner, Insurance Blockchain Lead, PwC United Kingdom, Tel: Email Sai Perry Director, PwC United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 7500 068 731 . a#���t��:4���'k�m;�����.��[܍{�]t�]�m8��wZ���x�����xx��� Recruited to rejoin $850M defense contractor to manage relocation of largest air and space operations center for US Air Force. From January 1979 to May 2004 (25 years 5 months) Coal Preparation Specialist @ Assisted sales teams nationwide in factory capabilities, capacity and schedules in order to provide timely information for the sales teams and coal mining customers. 474 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<270EAF6005F647D1A0EACCE9D8A6B74D><296035734B393A4FAF32C51724961E45>]/Index[426 93]/Info 425 0 R/Length 188/Prev 349727/Root 427 0 R/Size 519/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream j�j�8 ����-�jg�����WC���1o;+��q�eE�U���g��Ln&�����U�0�_g4*a���S�����jێj��0k��!o"�C�Z@}3��� �H�h!��]�� �����iͳR9�yH �i��po�-W�n ?�lt���H���1��{ThF��`�������Aǎ�� �m���$R "�x All rights reserved. Today’s workforce in claims needs to identify the skills and resources that they will need in 2030, and actually smart companies will be doing this already today, they won’t be waiting till 2030 to think about it. University of Southern California, BS, Mechanical Engineering @ We combine our industry insights, financial acumen and transformation delivery experience to provide transparency and confidence in an investment case. We co-create a transformation blueprint, architect and evaluate solution options, build a realistic delivery roadmap, construct a coherent change portfolio and support the mobilisation of your transformation programme.

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