"Rose, Kim, Max, Nino, and Mylène are blind followers, and Juleka's stuck between a rock and a hard place. "And… how do we explain away each of us having the same nationality?" ", "I'm Lady Gold," the Bee heroine said, stepping forward. If anything, Chloé was loosening up. I was pissed, okay?!". And how do you know this stuff?" Stealing his book, she told him to meet her at the Place des Vosges that afternoon. "Plagg, claws in!" Cat Noir then arrives and fights Oni-Chan while Ladybug helps Lila escape, although she is ungrateful and claims she can take care of herself. To the shock of anyone who was expecting full detransformation, the mask simply melted away, revealing the teen's face. She tells her classmates that she has tinnitus and needs a front row seat so that she can sit next to Adrien. Luka asked. One day, her parents get a job offer in New York and Marinette has to leave Paris. "That's true," Adrien grumbled. "I keep you in line. ", "It's true!" ", "Hanging out with you losers? "Juleka! Ladybug tried to apologize for her actions earlier, but Lila refused to accept the apology, claiming that the two of them would never be friends. In "Style Queen", Lila was sitting alongside with fellow musicians Jagged Stone and Penny Rolling at the fashion show where Adrien was modeling Marinette's derby hat. "I told him a while back. When Gabriel shows up to remind her of her promise, she tells him her plan is taking longer than she wanted, and asks him if he will fulfill his part of the deal if she did, flashing back to stealing the mock exam answers and putting them in Marinette's bag. Started on: 9.23.2020, This is a Cinderella tale with Marinette and Damian as the main characters. "Guys, Juleka is dead again," Mylène pointed out. Marinette, who is aware of Lila's deceit, attempts several times to catch her in a lie, only to fail each time. Green lights flashed, the black suit melted away, and There was a dead silence for a second as three sets of eyes stared and one watched blandly (for Tikki's sake, Luka, what the hell?! But I could have picked things up from talking to Crim. "Ladybug!" ", "Paris, this is important." "But… maybe it's just me being stupid… but… shouldn't we do something less drastic first? "We are," Lady Gold sniffed. Lila claims that she only meant well as Adrien feels alone due to constantly being kept from negative influences. ", Ladybug giggled. Damian is always aware of his... One-shots about Lie-la There's Pegasus and King Monkey too. "I've been waiting to find out for ages! I belittled people, I was rude, I tried to get close to a boy without worrying that I made him feel awkward – or downright uncomfortable. Miss Bustier, who had lost control of the students about halfway through the film, wondered what on Earth was going down that it could cause Juleka to act like a cross between Alya and Marinette. "I wonder what the others are doing?" A PR opportunity and way to keep his girl satisfied, and if all of Paris was watching, GOOD. "I understand it might come across as possessive, but I don't want her to even speak to you. Adrien character development Chloé appears jealous but brushes this off until Lila offers to share it with her, to which Chloé agrees. Credits quickly rolled past (Interviewer: Aurore Boreal. Mostly take-downs, Some karma "I'm sending a message. Well, crap. "Do we reply?" Only three people in Paris believed her and tried to help her, Adrian, Chat Noir and Chloe. As they mulled it over, there was a loud crash from the other side of the city and the sound of civilian screams. "My book, it's torn!". "Even without being in your class, she seems to be a problem. "Just get it over with and you can make as many puns as you like. "I mean, she holds all the cards.". Want to come along with me? Lila runs out and tries to get help from Sabine Cheng in her bakery, only for her to also swap places with Oni-Chan upon checking a strange message on her phone. It was, for one, much emptier than normal; Chloé had some important event to go to, Adrien was modelling, Alix had an appointment, Nathaniel was missing in general, and Marinette was probably late again. ", "Yeah, I had you take a picture for me to sketch," Nathaniel agreed. "Well, he has lightened up a bit," Alix pointed out. "How can it take twelve resets? Chloé looked genuinely worried. "And obviously that's a big problem, Ladybug is the heart of the team and if she's being attacked… something's wrong. Lila is neurochemically incapable of love. I don't want to be alone. "Haven't I told you this a million times, my Lady? A lot had happened. Lila said quickly. Consider yourself on a sort of probation. When Ladybug takes off to the Eiffel Tower, Hawk Moth tells her to take Cat Noir's Miraculous, but Chameleon instead goes after Ladybug as she wants to take away her Miraculous first. "Good. Lila bashing/salt, friendships, Chloé redemption, fluffy stuff, and beating Adrien with the 'right to self-actualization' stick. ", "After yesterday? Aurore said. "…I'm glad we're on her side," Marc commented. "I have not had sleep in three days!" So… 70% or more of Paris's… incidents… are directly associated with some form of bullying or harassment. It was probably a good thing; recording things was technically illegal, and while Chloé had familial immunity, Marinette would get tossed under the bus without a second thought. There was, after all, a reunion to be considered. Not so sweet, then? "She bites now," Kagami noted. We can make a better Paris. All you ever did was tease me. "Good. "What is it? It technically wasn't even false. "My sister is going to stab me with my on guitar pick, I am Luka Couffaine.". If Chloé had never been spoilt rotten, perhaps they might have been best buds. "We won," Marinette said firmly, as Adrien tugged at his regrown ear as if it might come off. ", Ladybug facepalmed as Imperial Fire moved forwards. After month... What will happen when two people with trust issues start trusting each other without their knowledge. Marinette, aware of Lila's deceitful nature, attempts to expose this lie by pointing out that Prince Ali is in the USA, but Lila uses her wit to maintain her deception. "Bug out!" Then, Lila received a call from an unknown person, who turned out to be Gabriel Agreste. Within the class, however, an atmosphere, just vaguely off, was hovering ominously over the childrens' heads. She definitely can't get her anything, and I don't want her upset. Whether she really held the title was up for debate, considering Marinette had finally gotten over Adrien and was also going pretty well with Alix, but nobody was going to complain. "In the beginning, I was an accident, and I didn't make the most of it, so I changed my name when I changed myself. Wonderful, Marinette. I'm much better looking.". "That girl!" She also expresses irritation over the fact that Chloé constantly brags about being Queen Bee but says that Adrien couldn’t care less since he’s so perfect. "Thanks, Marinette. Ladybug almost did, but she realized that everything that had happened had just been illusions, and figured out Volpina was an akumatized Lila. ", "Depressing," Chloé complained. Rose exclaimed. However," and here she paused slightly, as if wondering whether this was a bad decision, "There is a certain confession that needs to be made. "We planned well." Chat and I need help. So, Ladybug and co. You said you needed to speak at the end. "You did and you fought me. We did our best to try to make her feel better, to investigate the problem. The class, however, was in for a lot more yet. "I was going to see the sentimonster, and I walked past her parent's ratty little bakery, and she was there, right, Nathaniel? "Thanks, Rose. "I am Viperion," the snake-themed boy said. The heroine swallowed. "It's me!". "You could akumatize yourself, sir," Nathalie suggested. "What's in it for you? "Hey," she said. "What happened to Ryuuko? "Never thought I'd see the day," Chloé smirked. Anyway, in my civilian life, I am…". Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug • Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir • Wang Fu, Tikki • Plagg • Nooroo • Wayzz • Trixx • Pollen, Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge • Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee • Nino Lahiffe/Carapace • Max Kanté/Pegasus • Lê Chiến Kim/King Monkey • Luka Couffaine/Viperion • Kagami Tsurugi/Ryuko, Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth • Nathalie Sancoeur/Mayura, Juleka Couffaine • Rose Lavillant • Alix Kubdel • Sabrina Raincomprix • Ivan Bruel • Mylène Haprèle • Nathaniel Kurtzberg • Lila Rossi. She tells the latter that she invented the game Freestyle Clash. Your review has been posted. However after inspecting her leg she was told it was fine, Cat Noir then realized that Lila made him abandon Ladybug so that she would be defeated, which she denies doing, only for her horn to grow again giving away her deception. By the time Alix showed up, grouchily citing an inability to speak her mind and something that just didn't add up, Kagami and Chloé were civil, Kagami was lightening up, Chloé was actually being nice of her own accord, Adrien was having his right to self-actualization being forcibly beaten into him, Luka had amusedly compiled a large chart stating how they fitted together as a team, and Marinette was finally becoming comfortable with her new friends. "You should have told us! Ladybug tried to get help, but nobody did anything – and she didn't have us to back her up. "She's a disgrace, an utter disgrace. Art: Crimson Mirage. "She is not a friend, nor a rival, she is our opponent, and we will destroy her.". Along with the attempts at matchmaking that popped up the next day."

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