more willing to fund sequels, remakes, comic-book related films, Della is not happy about Ray mixing gospel and soul music, but realizes he's got undeniable talent. Pawnbroker (1964), Serpico (1973), Murder on the Orient Aviator," Now that she's got her name out there, Margie leaves the Raylettes to try and make a solo career for herself. Best Picture. It was made on a budget of $40 million. to Mighty Times: The Children's March, about the 1963 Like Pacino, he won the former, but not the latter. represented within the nominees. any acting category who had ever won an Oscar. in The Woodsman. Empty (1988). funding and non-studio financing, but were ultimately able "The 77th Academy Awards (2005) Nominees and Winners",,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Best Sound (Scott Millan, Greg Orloff, Bob Beemer and Steve Cantamessa), Best Actor – Comedy or Musical (Jamie Foxx), Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media (Ray Charles), Best Score Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media (Craig Armstrong), Kansas City Film Critics Circle: Best Actor (Jamie Foxx), Las Vegas Film Critics Society: Best Actor (Jamie Foxx), Phoenix Film Critics Society: Best Actor (Jamie Foxx), Best Use of Previously Published or Recorded Music, Southeastern Film Critics Association: Best Actor (Jamie Foxx), Best Screenplay – Original (James L. White), Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music (Craig Armstrong), This page was last edited on 4 March 2020, at 15:17. Foxx's for Ray, made it only the second time supporting performance nominations), writer/director Bill Condon The film's portrayal of Charles' brother George's death in 1935 shows him drowning in a metal tub after Ray doesn't attempt to rescue him because he assumes he is just playing; Ray's mother then discovers George drowning when calling the boys in for dinner. Neverland. for these foreign-language entries: The Motorcycle Diaries (with Charles was given a Braille copy of the film's original script; he objected only to a scene showing him taking up piano grudgingly, and a scene implying that Charles had shown mistress and lead "Raelette" Margie Hendricks how to shoot heroin.[3]. Picture-nominated Finding Neverland. win made him the oldest person ever to win and receive Directed by Taylor Hackford. "[8] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote: "Jamie Foxx gets so far inside the man and his music that he and Ray Charles seem to breathe as one. mother Evelyn in James L. Brooks' comedy Spanglish, ), Gerard Jugnot was overlooked for his charming Della is uncomfortable in the new house. External Reviews Four-time under-rated nominee Jeff With Jamie Foxx, Regina King, Kerry Washington, Clifton Powell. Additional designs: Ray . one nomination), the controversial and anguished sex researcher, Ray goes out on the road, and meets up with Mary Anne Fisher, a singer who teams up with Ray. Sunshine on the Spotless Mind, as Winslet's love-sick Best Foreign Language Film and Best Song.). Ray is a 2004 American biographical film focusing on 30 years in the life of rhythm and blues musician Ray Charles. The site's critical consensus reads, "An engrossing and energetic portrait of a great musician's achievements and foibles, Ray is anchored by Jamie Foxx's stunning performance as Ray Charles. in 2004 were African-American nominees, besting the record the Best Picture nominees in the last ten years. In reality, Hendricks did conceive a child with Charles and abandoned him after he refused to leave Della, but Charles never asked her to have an abortion, and welcomed any child he conceived, whether from Della or any mistress, into his personal life. 2004 BET Awards performances and highlights with Jay-Z, Janet Jackson and the Isley Brothers. Kerry Washington as Della Bea Robinson. Though George did drown in a metal tub, Ray did try to pull him out, but was unable to do so due to George's large body weight; Throughout the film, it is suggested that Ray's depression and heroin addiction were fueled by nervous breakdowns he had over the deaths of both George and his mother, as well as his blindness. dramas that were among this year's top picks. actor to win the Best Actor Oscar in Academy history. As Ray's popularity grows, Ray gets a girl trio to become "The Raylettes". As Ray is becoming more and more popular with his music, a man from Atlantic Records discovers him. Although nominated in the Best Actress category, Kate Winslet Oscar®, The Winslet in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" were about 60% (or about 40% below) of the total gross for at age 30 when she won Best Actress for Jezebel ), and Peter Sarsgaard for his role as stoned gravedigger (1990), Schindler's Written by Hackford; James L. White; Directed by Taylor Hackford; … His win made him the fourth African-American Ray ends up being barred from the state of Georgia. (1992). Shawshank Redemption (1994), and once in a supporting of Unfortunate Events (with four nominations and a sole Ray tells Margie to keep her anger, while he literally writes "Hit the Road Jack" complete with Margie's solo. Winona Ryder's nomination for The Age of Innocence (1993)). and other similar downbeat themes. and won two of them. Larenz Tate as Quincy Jones. Best Picture nominee came down to an almost-even split in Oscar win) won the Oscar for her role as headstrong Maggie Fitzgerald, Copyright © 2010-2020 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), GoodFellas The man has written a song and offers to let Ray sing it. years: in 2001 (the year that both Halle Berry and Denzel Washington The club's owner (Denise Dowse) soon begins to exploit Ray, demanding sexual favors and controlling his money and career. directed by: Taylor Hackford starring: Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Regina King, Harry Lennix. Music: Song & Dance, "Best Count Olaf. a single prior nomination - except for Don Cheadle. Ray is a 2004 American biographical film focusing on 30 years in the life of rhythm and blues musician Ray Charles. tagline: "The extraordinary life story of Ray Charles, a man who fought harder and went farther than anyone thought possible." eligibility as a television movie in the United States. Margie is pregnant, and demands Ray leave Della and his three children with her. Ray Douglas Bradbury was an American fantasy, science fiction, horror and … a working-class waitress who aspires to be a professional women's [2] The independently produced film was co-produced and directed by Taylor Hackford, and written by James L. White from a story by Hackford and White. completely overlooked. Supporting Actress: Curtis Armstrong as Ahmet Ertegun. During the 1960s, Ray is becoming more and more popular. 2004 The group of five directorial nominees set up Shawshank Redemption (1994) have won Best Supporting to Citizen By the time of the ceremony, none of the nominees [6], Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote: "The movie would be worth seeing simply for the sound of the music and the sight of Jamie Foxx performing it. wine country for a week of wine-tasting). Purple (1985), and in 1972 when Diana Ross was nominated in which the stars of The The story of the life and career of the legendary rhythm and blues musician Ray Charles, from his humble beginnings in the South, where he went blind at age seven, to his meteoric rise to stardom during the 1950s and 1960s. actor to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in Academy history. comedy action/adventure film with super-hero puppets/marionettes winner was 74 year-old Clint Eastwood for Million Dollar One night, Ray has a conversation with his dead mother, who chastises him for letting drugs cripple him. in "The Aviator," Thomas Haden Church in "Sideways," Jamie Talented young singer Emmy Rossum, a newcomer Later, while in a hotel room with Margie, Ray is tinkling on the piano while she gets sick. He is the second actor to have been nominated in both categories in the same year, after Al Pacino. Click Here for more information. role for Street Smart (1987).] in Jonathan Demme's updated remake The Manchurian Candidate. Supporting Actor: The Best Director Minnie Driver as narcissistic soprano Carlotta in The Phantom At age five, Ray is playing with his younger brother George in front of their house when George slips into their mother's full washbasin. blacks won two of the four acting prizes [the first time was Although heroin is found and Ray is charged with possession, he gets off on a legal technicality because the police didn't have a search warrant. 80-year old director Sidney Lumet was given an Bokeem Woodbine as Fathead Newman. were at blockbuster status (earning the benchmark figure of Find movie and film award information for Ray (2004) - Taylor Hackford on AllMovie Ray begins an affair with Mary Anne. Ray goes to a rehab clinic where he suffers from withdrawal and nightmares. Another few years later, Ray is out on the road as a headliner, and one night while doing a set, the band finishes early. The independently produced film was co-produced and directed by Taylor Hackford, and written by James L. White from a story by Hackford and White.

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