He gives easy work too...multiple choice tests also. Professor Harvey's  Distinguished Professor  He is an awesome professor who makes lecture a lot of fun and interesting. If you are a good writer and got and A congratulations but it sucked for everyone that wasn't, go to class because there are 6 quizzes and theyre random, hes a funny guy, it was a 5:20-6:40 but i never looked at my watch because he's interesting to listen to, if you cant read a book about every 2 weeks, dont take this class, LOTS of reading, exams are really EASY if you've read all the books, interesting course material, i learned alot. The lecture and discussions were enjoyable and I recommend taking this course.  (Éditions Lignes, 2006) on USA PATRIOT Act. very funny and keeps you interested. DO NOT TAKE HIS "MODERN FRANCE" CLASS. Also, Prof. Harvey is such an intellectual he's very inspiring! website robert.harvey@stonybrook.edu. He's super funny and makes a class like french cinema really grip your attention. TAKE HIS CLASSES! at San Francisco State University in 1975.  ( I got an A- so I'm happy. The class in the beginning was very technique focused which I didn't care for but I learned a lot and the films were interesting. He always tries to get people involved and make class fun. Harvey was a Program Director at the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris. translated Lyotard, Deguy, Duras, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault and Paul Ricœur. corporate) decision. His current academic home is the Department of Philosophy. He is a good professor but his lecture is little boring.. and there are 6 pop quizes and 5 discussions. EASY A! Additional information may be found on his official The Prof. isn't that boring, he's pretty interesting I'd def take another class wit him. Stony Brook, NY 11794-3750, Tel: (631) 632-7580 Robert Harvey (born Robert James Harvey in Oakland, California in 1951) is a literary scholar, philosopher, and academic.  (Spuyten Duyvil, 2018),  and literature, terror and surveillance. Really cares about the subject and opening your mind to it without being overbearing or unreasonable. Does not require alot of work at all. The books are very sexual and Harvey makes the lectures interesting and sometimes very funny!

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