Work began on Sicks' Stadium in early 1969 during one of the worst winters the region had seen in half a century. League owners met and agreed, but with continuing concerns about the need for a new stadium, which was already delayed into 1971. the vote for the new stadium under Forward Thrust) in order to get the Pilots franchise into Seattle. 0 bids. Part of the Baseball Almanac Family. Efforts by Washington state Senators Warren Magnuson and Henry “Scoop” Jackson and State Attorney General Slade Gorton to keep the team in Seattle had prevented Selig from doing so. Other players chosen in the draft included Gary Bell (P), Steve Barber (P) and a young minor league outfielder from Portland named Lou Piniella. The Seattle Pilots of the American … But within a year, the Pilots had moved to Milwaukee. Little did they realize how long it would take to build an indoor stadium and how soon after that it would be torn down. Carson Van Lindt, The Seattle Pilots Story (New York City: Marabou, 1993); Mike Fuller, "Seattle Pilots Baseball Team" (; John Reeves, "Seattle Mariners Dugout: Seattle Pilots" ( And if it wasn’t for the Pilots picking him in the expansion draft, he could have retired a journeyman minor leaguer at the end of 1968 and none of it would have happened. On March 26, 1976, the Kingdome opened for business near Pioneer Square, south of downtown Seattle. The Pilots' Minor League Teams. He believed the Pilots would invest in him and give him a real shot during spring training. However, Daley refused to put up more financing. A slightly modified deal came one vote short of approval. Some of the players had overheard Schultz telling a reporter that Piniella wouldn’t make the team throwing the way he was. Many thanks to Alan Rice at the Billings Gazette, Tom Berg, Don Young and Tom When they arrived home on April 10, Seattleites greeted the team with a parade and a crowd of 500 fans. Forced to play in the ancient Sicks Stadium, and with Seattle unwilling finance a modern complex, the Pilots were sold in spring training of the following year and moved to Milwaukee. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "yorkshirete03-20"; A boycott was organized for spring training. Stadium However, the owners rejected the idea almost out of hand since it would have devalued the other clubs’ worth. In April 1969, Seattle baseball fans got their first Major League baseball team. Watch. $4.79 shipping. Minor Leaguer, Tom Berg, Interview with Newark On April 11, the Pilots shut out the Chicago White Sox, 7-0, in their temporary home at Sicks' Stadium, along Rainier Avenue. The Pilots' Minor League Teams. while the personnel decisions were made by general manager, Marvin Milkes, in Major league baseball was rife with changes as 1969 dawned. section. Our two teams will be formed in the spring from the roster of players below after they have gone through our 18 weeks of instruction and Coach Trek has been able to do a full evaluation. The Seattle Pilots had moved to town. document.write(update); Pitcher Gary Bell only gave up 10 hits. And, of course, multiple members of the 1969 Seattle Pilots were immortalized via Bouton’s portrayal of their eccentricities and foibles. You probably know the rest of the story. folded. It is a comprehensive team roster and player names are sorted by the fielding position where the … These cards show the players in there very unique Pilots uniforms. On February 13, 1969, voters passed parts of Forward Thrust, a campaign that would have funded 12 areas of capital improvement including rail transit, parks, and sewage facilities. The problem would be multiplied when Pilots owner William Daley said, “Seattle has one more year to prove itself,” a clear ultimatum treating to move the newly founded team. To head the minor league organization, the Pilots hired Art Parrack, who held Local fans are thrilled to join longtime rivals Los Angeles and San Francisco in the majors and they're ecstatic when the Pilots' skipper predicts an upper-division finish for his new squad. Pilots had an entry in the Arizona Fall Instructional League. On April 1, 1970, the franchise moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and became the Milwaukee Brewers. 1970 – Present / Milwaukee Brewers In 1921, the Rainiers were renamed the Indians, but when Emil Sick, owner of Rainier Brewing Company, bought them in 1937, he changed their name back to the Rainiers. Minor league ball was played in Seattle between 1890 and 1892 and then continuously between 1898 and 1968. He’s probably right. That made the Northwest an untapped market of fans and their money. Baseball", "Seattle stadium approved; rapid transit plan killed", "1969 Major League Baseball Attendance & Team Age -", "New York Yankees at Seattle Pilots Box Score, August 3, 1969 -", "California Angels at Seattle Pilots Box Score, April 29, 1969 -", "Jim Bouton puts a little extra on his salary pitch",, Professional baseball teams in Washington (state), Defunct baseball teams in Washington (state), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 07:04. $3.99. Rather than stash him down in AAA with the hopes of recouping their investment, they traded him. In the first round of the 1968 player’s draft they picked up Don Mincher (1B), Tommy Harper (3B), Ray Oyler (SS), Gerry McNertney (C), and Buzz Stephen (P). They ended the season in last place with a record of 64-98. Vintage SEATTLE PILOTS BASEBALL PINBACK PIN CLASP TIE TAC BUTTON on card tiny. It was also obvious that such a move would have to happen quickly, as Sicks’ Stadium was inadequate even for temporary use. The MLB logo that is still in use was unveiled. It was apparent to the American League that the Pilots needed new owners. In an ominous sign of things to come, Soriano had to ask William R. Daley, who had owned the Indians at the time they flirted with Seattle, to underwrite much of the purchase price. Heavy snowfall brought construction to a near halt. The League Championship Series was introduced after the teams were realigned into two division in each league, bringing World Series playoffs into baseball for the first time. He complains a lot about the coaches and ignores them when he feels like it, and to top it off he’s sensitive as hell to things like Joe Schultz not saying good morning to him. The Soriano brothers hired William Daley, former owner of the Cleveland Indians, to help with the business of running a ball team. On April 6, 1977, the Mariners played their first home game in the Kingdome. Piniella admits he should have kept his mouth shut in that situation. In 1969, baseball was not new to Seattle. Fred Danz (1918-2009), owner of a local movie theater chain, offered to buy the team. for its In 1969, he won Rookie of the Year. "Lamar Hunt and a Texas group also wanted to buy the team, but we had felt we had made the gentlemen's agreement with Bud Selig and the Milwaukee group that's what we were committed to." How the Seattle Pilots Saved Lou Piniella’s Baseball Career, Mariners begin off-season roster shuffle, outright four players to Triple-A Tacoma, Brady Lail, Seth Frankoff, Joes Odom and Hudson all outrighted to Tacoma; Lail and Hudson elect free agency, Mariners Moose Tracks, 10/19/20: The 2020 World Series, Bryan Price, and Eric Kay. By April 11, opening day, only 6000 seats had been added, putting the seating capacity at a mere 17,000. 1969 – 1997 / American League, Team History As you may know, Lou Piniella would go on to win the Rookie of the Year award in 1969 as a member of the new Kansas City Royals. Bouton seemed to take a liking to Piniella and wrote quite bit about Lou’s spring with the team. He would play 15 more seasons in the major leagues, then go on to a successful managerial career. The most popular Minor League team was the Seattle Rainiers, originally named for the mountain. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. The mound was lowered by five inches and the strike zone was shrunk. In addition to the four new expansion teams, baseball took steps to increase offense and try to temper the dominance of pitchers. a similar post with the Kansas City-Oakland A's and had previously served as Cost is easier to judge.”. Interview with Pilots 19 Robin Yount Piniella relates in his book that he wasn’t getting much playing time, which made him worry he wasn’t in the running to make the team. If you have more Sports legends like Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Carl Yazstremski came to Seattle to urge voters to pass a bond issue to fund a new stadium. Inadequate seating made for inadequate ticket sales and low attendance. Twelve sites were considered. The group of players was told that due to space constraints, they would be working out with AAA Vancouver on another field. On October 2nd, 5,473 Pilot fans, for a season total of 677,944, came to see the season finally against the Oakland A’s. Plans were in the works for a modern domed stadium that would give the Pilots and Seattle a Major League presence. As for the construction of a new stadium, delays begat more delays. It was an effective demotion, however. He hits the hell out of the ball. That meant Kansas City and Seattle had to be admitted together. Do your thing. It was their legacy that the Kingdome was built (eventually) and became the first home of the Seattle Mariners. 34 Rollie Fingers Many thanks to Alan Rice at the Billings Gazette, Tom Berg, Don Young and Tom Hausman, who all went far beyond the call of … 2021 MLB Draft Scouting Report: Mason Black. I suggested to him that this wasn’t the year to quit because the Seattle people were bound to make mistakes in their early decisions and I thought there would be a shuttle system between Vancouver and Seattle and that guys who didn’t stay with the club the first month might be called up real quick. Spring training had already begun in Tempe, Arizona. He won the World Series as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds in 1990, and won 116 games managing the Mariners in 2001. Reluctantly, the League agreed to reduce the planned capacity to 25,000 seats, then to 21,000. Calendar. The tension between manager and player continued to grow. $3.99 shipping. During the year before the first game, Dewey Soriano was building a team. Lot Seattle Pilots Memorable Schedule Newspaper Souvenir September 1969 Rare Fan. 1969 / Seattle Pilots. W-L Record. leaguers, such as Chico Vaughns, who played at Newark before moving up. Championship World Series 0. Did you know that a 1969 Seattle Pilots Schedule is available and it includes dates of every game played, scores of every game played, a cumulative record, and many hard to find splits (Monthly Splits, Team vs Team Splits & Score Related Splits)? On April 1, 1969, one week before the season opener in Anaheim, California, Milkes traded Piniella to the Kansas City Royals. In addition to their three Class A affiliates, the Pilots – The “Pilots” name originates from the owner’s part-time job as a harbor pilot and the city’s association with the airplane industry.

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