It's was very disturbing to hear but reading everyone's comments I thought you might like to know these facts coming from a child. from there i remember having a completely clear mind like i couldn't control my body and all i could see was the person who knocked me over with red surrounding my vision. I was at all saints catholic school. He said I attacked him and was trying to kill him, I have absolutely no recollection of doing anything. My experience is a little different than others because I don't remember being angry but here it goes. I think that seeing red is a physical response to a phychologically stressful event. definitely dangerous, i also have anxiety issues so if others do maybe this is a common cause.. i also have "visual snow" so my brain interprets things a little different than most already. Thanks- Heather. But I was blinded in that moment I opened my eyes but I could see anything but red not like red lens just glowing red. I know this original posting was from 5 years ago but I figured it was worth the share. However, there was this one time when I was 17 and he was 14, we were arguing and my mother got in the middle, facing me. I only see red not the person or place. Years ago when I was a senior in High School in the 60s. It's hard to say how long, maybe for a second or two. We experimentally manipulated the apparent clothing colour (red/blue/grey) of individuals in photographs presented to raters. I personally don’t do well with aggression by others towards women, or having my life threatened. I had taken this for 18 years without really retaliating--he was much bigger than me and I could never hurt him when I fought back. “In bullfighting, the matador beckons the bull with a red cape, which agitates the bull, and it charges for the cape,” they claim, in a shockingly unsexual entry (don’t worry, the second entry gets to it). I am relieved to hear that I am not the only one this happens to, and also relieved that I have never actually physically attacked anyone during the episode. More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. In support of this, the sympathetic nervous system is thought to respond in fight/flight situations by signaling the heart to pump faster, among other things. I figure it was from dilated blood vessels in the retina. End message? I don't know if it's because I was backed into a corner and a fight or flight response kicked in, but as I was backing away from him this is what happened. And the yellow turns itself inside out, and purple comes out of that. Per saperne di più su come utilizziamo i tuoi dati, consulta la nostra Informativa sulla privacy e la nostra Informativa sui cookie. Firefox Wallpaper. i couldnt control myself and i still saw red. All thanks to Esango Priest the great magician who helped me to restore my boy friend to me:You can reach him via email Image shared by csqtt. He was definitely coming at me with the intent to beat me up. And when the only eye that I opened was the one with the red lens, it was as if I was looking into a photo developing lab. Ironically, according to the report in, bulls can’t actually see color and are instead drawn to the waving of the matador’s cape — the dramatic color is arguably more for the audience’s sake. I have told my sister about this and she gave me some advice to contact a very good and powerful prophet who can help me pray for my husband to come back and be happy with us again which i did and i contacted the prophet. Six stiches after an accidental knife cut recently. When I was done I went back to my car and left work. When I get mad like the point of fighting, I see a very notable red color, I thought it was normal. I kicked the door open and the girls boyfriend tried to shut it. Eric, thought this might be interesting for you. Immediately afterwards, they were handed a metal clasp or a handgrip and asked to tighten their hands. A couple months back I was rollerskating and I jumped over a child so I wouldn't hit him. If I was on a jury and someone used "Saw red" as a defense I don't think I could convict them. My point in this is that if your oral tradition says "Blue with rage" or something you every well may completely ignore the flash of red in your visual field, simply because it has no associated meaning to you, just as we do every second of our lives that we spend looking through red blood vessels. Unregistered guest. I do not remember much about the first two times except that both time were stress and rage induced. It was amazing. you name it, it happened growing up. Our father had a very explosive temper and used the phrase "seeing red" sometimes, but I'm not sure how literally to take that. You'll go to prison. Seeing red has happened to me on various accations. The checkout girl gave her the change and made some extremely disrespectful comment as she practically threw the bag at her. Very clearly everything was red. they intended to defend themselves from others roughhousing--which i was not participating in--and inadvertently hit me. Just one more story to add to the others. I used to think it was an expression but I was being shoved by a guy in his 20's and I shoved him back, he came at me, and I literally "saw red" dark, almost blood like, I don't remember the next few seconds but then I found myself on top of him on the ground. I had moved to Florida for health reasons 13 years ago. I can only attribute it to a psychological reason. (I'm still planning to find a flashlight and try it out.) Hey guys. The light gets filtered through the skin that makes up the eyelids; given that the blood vessels and such within are red, you perceive everything with a sort of red hue or look to it. I was so enraged that began to think all of these ultra violent thoughts, like to smash head and burn him while his family watched. will check back later for responses because I always heard the saying and have experienced it but not many others have. Still, considering the phrase is most often used to describe a human being’s vision in the midst of a rageful outburst, is there any physiological explanation for the association, or is it just a (literally) colorful expression? These effects are congruent with apparently universal cultural associations of the colour red. A long time ago, a supposed "friend" made a play for my husband right in front of me...just stuck her hand down his shirt and started pushing up to him. I wasn't sure if he was just kidding or exaggerating. I was the maddest I've ever been in my whole life. Here is why I mention that: this argument I speak of was the first time in a very long time that I completely discarded my control in favor of my temper. The other eye, close it... open it and it's still red. Raging.It doesn'tI was going through a divorce. Early this year I decided to take an aura reading class with a couple of friends (and quite honestly we didn’t expect to see anything). I couldn't tell you much about the fight, itself, beyond that it was with one of the three boys I lived with, growing up. It was what I’d describe as the beginning stages as I was able to tell my friends to remove me or the kid would wind up in the hospital, it took four friends to physically remove me. Thanks for the description, Lorena (and all the others). My father was abusive and lent to me his temper, but the abuse gave me a level of control for that temper that is at least slightly better than his own. Quite frequently I saw red and basically went crazy destroying anyone or anything in my path. Twice I've been angry enough that it had an effect on my eyesight. I have advanced at them, backed them across the room, but I have clearly not actually attacked them. Everything just turned red during my anger. The first time it was red, I was just so angered by someone's comment that in that moment I was just blinded by red and immediately it was over, and I calmed down. One eye, I checked, good to go. As I ran after her it felt as though my rational mind had taken a back seat and I was observing myself acting on pure instinct with the single minded intention of killing her. alright i saw red literally when i got into a fight a few years ago. Thanks- Heather, I mistyped before, the light in my room is a 15 watt bulb. Thanks for your story, Andrew. guarantee if a loved one starts getting hurt itll happen again though.Definitely feels like animal instinct kicks in and you just flail and try to literally snuff out the cause of your anger. I just want to know what causes me to lose control and see red. I have a friend now who is rageing and she says how she needs anger management and I was looking this up for her to help her get away from that type of rage that controls. My Grandmother is from french speaking Belgium, and they have a similar description when you show excessive rage.In Sweden, however, it has a much deeper connection into Swedish culture and history. But the rage 'spikes' I was going thru in those times felt more like a cold, decisive and pure hatred, like an ultimate detachment from any principles, morals, or behavioral guidlines I had ever known, and a cold readiness to proceed with whatever definitive act of revenge I would decide on.And somehow that made everything around me seem literally darker, as if I was living in some Noir movie where the shadows were blacker and the lights were dimmer.Fwiw I also went thru the opposite side of the spectrum where, as a young teen caught up in a deep idealistic love (still a very dear memory decades later...), I would sometimes experience a sudden and very persistent effect of 'overexposed' light -- always after some unexpected positive feedback from my significant other. My son said that was awesome and it snapped me out of auto pilot and realized what he had just seen. There are no other accounts on the internet of "literally seeing red." Hello. was good except the pic. I was furious but he and the teacher spoke briefly and went inside the school. The poll did not support this hypothesis. After she pushed me i saw red. Once while in high school I witnessed a classmate shove a girl head first into a locker, when I saw this, my vision started to flash red, my blood started to boil, my ears became extremely hot, and I had what I can only describe as extreme rage.

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