Try to activated just before they land to mess up their meaty timing. After the EX Tengu activation in a combo (without the cr. Boredom[1][2] -s.HK beats Dudley’s s.HK (and a lot of other things!) Oro its a orthodox but balanced character with basic special movelist requirements that are focused for mindgames based in repeating a combo with zoning with mixups. Karin seeks to fight Oro, due to his status as a legendary martial artist and hearing he fought her grandpa for 3 days straight. She goes to India to challenge him, but Dhalsim informs her that he is gone since a few days prior; Karin muses that, since strong power attract, they will meet one day. * 70x12~13 Damage is when all hits connect. Oro also appears in the Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki comic book miniseries where Ibuki's final ninja exam is to challenge him. He is a 140 year old Japanese hermit who has mastered the secrets of immortality. Here’s a look at the game’s development roadmap: Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, the latest version of the four-year-old fighting game, is available now for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. When Oro was younger, he used to be a martial arts instructor in Japan. Kishin Tsui has Oro subdue and capture the opponent before tossing them into the air and crash landing them with his head back onto the earth at mach speed. Oro Street Fighter V Concept Art The two fought, yet there was no set winner as they sense it would end in their mutual death if they continued. Fighting style [3][4][5] Oro is a fighter more suited for patient players, who "can deal some serious damage for the player that can wait for the right opening on an opponent."[6]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shoma Sawamura | Do-Gooder Through years of practice, he has full mastery over his body and ki, giving him monstrous strength and stamina far surpassing that of many other fighters, even in his old age. Charlie Nash | When Ibuki fights him as a test to pass her school graduation exam, Oro was disappointed at first because he thought she was asking him to date. Mid screen there are a couple combos most Oro players use: (Assuming the opponent is in air either from jumping or after being launched) jump HK, land, juggle w/ cl MK, repeat. Oro occasionally leaves his cave and visits town. your best options for wakeups and mixups are this: Throw a Jab or Strong Super Art II its your meter option, use it at midscreen. In Street Fighter V, Oro does not bind his arm, rather he devotes one to his pet turtle, challenging himself to keep it balanced while he fights. Hokuto | Likes Around the end of the Tournament, Oro, sensing Akuma's extremely powerful and murderous ki, thought to test his strength against him. Blair Dame | His hobbies include touring and leading people through the Amazon, and he enjoys the company of his pets. This was the first time he left Brazil since he moved there. He is of Japanese descent and hails from the Amazon Jungle, where he lives in a cave with his many pets, including a turtle and a dog. -parry - airthrow (use this after an air parry whenever you can, it hurts a lot), Super Art 3 is used for medium and low stamina characters, Super Art 2 can be useful if you are a EX move addict and play unblockables. Oro is also considerably modest, only considering himself a novice of his style. Oro has a little weakness for women. Personal Oro may be partially inspired by Hélio Gracie, the founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 95; Gracie famously received a broken arm during one of his few losses, but refused to tap out. 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R. Mika | I really just like having the option to juggle more. [10], UGO Networks listed Oro as one of the top 50 Street Fighter characters due to his "unorthodox, powerful, and unique" design. 5'3" (161 cm)[2] Oro's mastery of Senjutsu has also granted him immortality, the ability to manifest his ki to corporeal form with ease, telekinesis through his own influence of ki, and the ability to survive extreme atmospheric and environmental conditions; he is shown riding a plane by simply standing on it as it flies. Oro's stages sees him fight in Brazil, usually in sparsely populated and rural areas in the day. Much of this power comes from him wielding the arts of Senjutsu (仙術, xianshen, "Mystic/Xian Arts"), a Chinese originated martial art of mythical and legendary proportions, said to have been used by the immortal mountain hermits in Taoist myth. Years later, after witnessing Ibuki's ninja exam against Oro in a shrine on Mt. The fifth fighter coming to Street Fighter 5’s fifth and final season is still a mystery. Happy to know that his blood begins to boil again in the excitement in the presence of a true worthy potential successor since 50 years ago, he decrees however that it would take another 15 years for his true potential to come about, in hopes of allowing him the chance to wield both arms in a fair fight. Don't just randomly use them. Hair color Dan Hibiki | He’ll be released sometime this winter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ryu easily senses Oro's presence and calmly asks for them back, only to have Oro challenge Ryu for the right to his belongings. Oro is an ancient martial arts master who lives a secluded life of an immortal hermit. Fighting Style Oro is an ancient, mysterious hermit who seeks a fighter that is worthy to inherit his fighting style. No information Oro is depicted as an ancient hermit with thin black hair, golden skin, crimson eyes that glow light blue during battle and is barefoot. -d.MP beats Urien’s d.MK (solid poke that stays out for a while) He is an old Japanese hermit who has mastered the secrets of eternity and survives from 140 years. Stones make meaties very easy; all Oro needs to do is whiff a move and let the stones hit as the opponent gets up, and he can block. Dudley | Full Name is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation. Lucia Morgan | Blood Type Oro decided to challenge himself by fighting with one arm bound after easily defeating Makoto's father and several of his Rindoukan students simultaneously. -d.HP beats Ryu’s j.HK (mix up with s.HK for far jump-ins) N/A Fei Long | [9] GameDaily named Oro the 22nd-most bizarre fighting game character. -d.MK beats Chun-Li’s b+HP (best low-hitting poke… not much to choose from), -d.LK - d.MK (d.LK d.LK is fine too, but less damage if it hits) Zaki |, Street Fighter EX Universe 2) juggle w/ st. HK, toward MP, toward MP, repeat. Oro refuses her challenge, saying that she is not ready and "if [she is] angry, how can [she] hope to strike effectively?" Raizo Imawano | He may be compared to Guile, but he isn't nearly as effective, thanks to his slowness and weak defense. Alternately, the idea of ninjas residing in Brazil is spurred by the real life immigration of Japanese citizens into Brazil upon 1908, where a more cosmopolitan and open Japanese nation upon the Meiji Restoration allowed its citizens greater freedom to learn all trades and knowledge within the world for the sake of its citizens to shape the nation by their rights within the Meiji Constitution and its laws. Here's the biggest mid screen combo: 1) 1 hit cl MPxxx MK Chicken dance, land, juggle with 1 hit cl MPxxx MK chicken dance, land, juggle with 1 hit cl. Black -close s.LK - d.LK - d.HP (variation on Makoto, also comes out quicker) Oro is a hermit of Japanese descent who is over 140 years old, having mastered the secrets of immortality. None Season 5 for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will bring back Dan Hibiki, Rose, and Oro from past Street Fighter games, as well as introduce Akira from Capcom’s Rival Schools series. Same as the command grab. What!!!! Again, this timing may be odd at first, so you gotta spend two quarters when no one else is at the arcade to get dat training in.... Or are you playing on 3so? Poison | For kara-UOH, press Strong a split second after pressing and holding Forward. ” He seems to be acquainted with Gouki, but Oro's memory is uncertain, so it may be the first time he meets him.”(豪鬼 と は 顔見知り で ある か の よう な そぶり を 見せる が 、 オロ の 記憶 は あやふや な ので 、 初対面 かも しれ ない。). Falke | Hobby Atago, Makoto challenges Oro in order to make up for this humiliation and says she must defeat him to prove Rindoukan's power. Niou Riki is a throw in which Oro clutches at the opponent's collar and proceed to thrash them on the ground three times in succession with ease. This page was last modified on 16 July 2020, at 06:12. Street Fighter III: New Generation Kairi | is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation. [5]Akuma exhibits a gesture of familiarity as if they were acquainted, but since Oro’s memory is a bit shaky this may be their first encounter. s.MK (don’t use on Chun-Li and Oro; they can duck the MK), -s.HK beats Yang’s divekick (proper range) EX SAIII (5 stones): EX stones is the one that grants Oro his big combos. In addition, in his conversation before his duel with Akuma, Oro was visibly concerned as to how a violent; disturbingly aggressive individual expressed themselves as the "master of the fist", and was eager to show him how truly distant the path to mastery really was. Together with her friends Elena and Makoto, she goes to the shrine on Mount Atago, where Oro has travelled to meditate. jumbo jet) to seek out the ideal successor to his Senjutsu style. Oro will join the playable cast in the fifth season of DLC fighters. The two have fought each other to a draw, as the fight was called off due to the two fighters sensing that if they fought each other seriously, it would result in a mutual kill. N/A Nagare Namikawa | Mike Haggar | Upon word and rumor of his mastery of his fighting style and existence, he received many disciples and apprentices at his doorstep for the first time in years, but they all dropped out; none of them managed to handle the extreme training regiments required to master Senjutsu. The CD combo can not be hit- confirmed, so it is for punishes and guessing games ONLY. I opt to use non-ex stones out of combo a lot of the time unless it’s a situation where the enemy has a lot of life, the timer is going to run out, and I’m almost dead. Origin Powers/Skills G | When Ibuki goes to fight Oro, Makoto tags along (as well as Elena and Ibuki's high school friend Sarai). Unusually for a hermit (and the oldest known character in the series), Oro has a casual and eased disposition with a lighthearted wile and whimsy. LongevityTelekinesisSuperhuman staminaSenjutsu masterNichirin ShouYagyou DamaYagyou-OdamaOni YanmaNiou RikiJinchuu WatariHitobashira NoboriKuuchu JigokugurumaKishin RikiKishin TsuiTengu StoneTengu Midareishi As revealed in the Street Fighter V side story, Musings on a Still Night, Oro is capable of using the Satsui no Hado, or specifically an imitation of it.[3][8]. Oro's objective will be poking or mono comboing with 2-in-1 to Command Special Throw mixed with Chicken Wing combo resets. Carlos Miyamato |

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