The Two Leopard Cats – Researchers previously believed that the cats of this species in mainland Asia were the same species as those in Malaysia and the surrounding islands. [1], Between March and August 2005, tracks of clouded leopards were recorded during field research in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah. Camera-trap photos have shown most terrestrial activity of the Sunda Clouded Leopards was nocturnal, with some crepuscular and diurnal activity. Copyright © 2020 BBC. But his team's analysis confirms that the cat comes in two forms, a Bornean subspecies N. d. borneensis and the Sumatran subspecies N. d. diardi. 'Although we suspected that Sunda clouded leopards on Borneo and Sumatra have likely been geographically separated since the last Ice Age, it was not known whether this long isolation had caused them to split up into separate sub-species,' said Wilting. They sampled 15 Sunda clouded leopards living on Borneo and 16 living in Sumatra, conducting molecular and genetic studies to reveal their origin. The cat’s skin and body parts are used in Asian medicine. Here in South Africa, we have been blessed with an abundance of wild and big cats, although poaching and hunting ” canned lions ” have reduced their populations adversely. [10][11][12] It occurs most probably in much lower densities than on Borneo. Sunda clouded leopards inhabit two large islands in Indonesia, Kalimantan (Borneo)/Malaysia and Sumatra. The population in Sabah is roughly estimated at 1,500–3,200 individuals, with only 275–585 of them living in totally protected reserves that are large enough to hold a long-term viable population of more than 50 individuals. It would be a bit easier to research if the types of information and headings on each type of cat were consistent. 'The potential that they could evolve into full separate species, given that they are separate subspecies, means that captive breeders will now be better informed to keep the subspecies apart to allow them to evolve fully.'. The project team evaluates the consequences of different forms of forest exploitation for the abundance and density of felids in three commercially used forest reserves. It was subordinated as a clouded leopard subspecies by Reginald Innes Pocock in 1917. Their results are published in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Even though the cat is protected in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, another threat is illegal trade. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, White-bellied Sea Eagle v Coconut (Robber) Crab, Sunda Clouded Leopard v Labrador Retriever, Sunda Leopard Cat v Coconut (Robber) Crab, https://www-newscientist-com.cdn.amppro ... ills-it%2F, ... ne.0166108. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Moment man pushed down hole in savage attack by cow in India, Three cuddly cubs snooze side by side at a panda nursery in China, Dramatic moment children fall down escalator in Russia, Heart-stopping moment lorry veers onto wrong side of road, Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith makes Strictly debut, 'What?' Dog Care. Sunda clouded leopard prey includes deer, pigs, civets, monkeys, porcupine and fish. Sunda Clouded Leopard Conservation Organizations. Your feedback is very much appreciated. It’s happen because of us .We destroy and kill them for their valuable fur. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. The Sunda clouded leopard has an overall stocky appearance with short legs. Now Mr Wilting and colleagues have published new research which reveals even more about this mysterious cat. Now a genetic analysis has confirmed that the cat comes in two forms, one living in Sumatra, the other on Borneo. On both Sunda islands, it is threatened by deforestation. [3][2] Has long canine teeth which, relative to it’s skull, is longer than those of any other living cat. Theresa May livid as Gove addresses Brexit security fears, TOWIE's Diags spotted at party which breaks Covid restriction rules, Conspiracy theorist goes into shocking rant against masks on flight, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launch Hold Still 2020 exhibition, Manchester: Govt threatens Tier 3 if agreement not reached by noon, Woman falls down subway stairs looking at her phone in viral video, Ireland Taoiseach orders full national lockdown for six weeks. The density was estimated at eight to 17 individuals per 100 km2 (39 sq mi). It is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since 2015, as the total effective population probably consists of fewer than 10,000 mature individuals, with a decreasing population trend. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Boris will FORCE Greater Manchester into lockdown after talks with Andy Burnham fail: PM prepares to unveil... Britain's Covid-19 daily cases have DROPPED for the first time since mid-September as official data also... Now London mayor Sadiq Khan joins demands for the 10pm pub curfew to be AXED to help businesses - just weeks... Is Rishi about to announce a Tier Two bailout? The Sunda clouded leopard, also known as the tree tiger or branch tiger, inhabits Kalimantan/Malaysia  and Sumatra, islands located in western Indonesia and a biogeographical region known as Sundaland. In Sumatra, the cat inhabits somewhat hilly and mountainous areas. [6], The Sunda clouded leopard is overall grayish yellow or gray hue. The learner always begins by finding fault, but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything. I love your site, and I have been a huge admirer and fan of wild cats all my life. Yeah, This is super helpful especially when you LOOOOVEEE cat’s like me! [7], It has a stocky build and weighs around 12 to 26 kg (26 to 57 lb). It can purr as its hyoid bone is ossified. It is assumed that it is generally solitary. This evolved into two types after a group colonised Sumatra via glacial land bridges, and then became cut off as sea levels rose. Read more. Both cats have similar patterned coats as they live in similar jungle habitats, the researchers suspect. The cats are usually found in hilly and forest areas. [citation needed], The Sunda clouded leopard is restricted to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. The researchers also examined the skulls of 28 further Sunda clouded leopards and the fur coats of 20 specimens held in museums, as well as the coats of cats photographed on both islands. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Until 2006, all clouded leopards were thought to belong to a single species. Its pupils contract to vertical slits. The two species are thought to have diverged over one million years ago. The word leopard is a compound of “leo” (lion) and “pardus” (panther). These cloud markings have frequent spots inside and form two or more rows that are arranged vertically from the back on the flanks. "[24][25], The Indonesian name for the clouded leopard rimau-dahan means "tree tiger" or "branch tiger". It is unknown if it still occurs on the Batu Islands close to Sumatra. The "newest" cat species described to science, the Sunda clouded leopard, actually exists in two distinct forms, scientists have confirmed. Now Mr Wilting and colleagues have published new research which reveals even more about this mysterious cat. Expert Recommendations. found this Leopard cat, when night drive at Borneo . Heroes amid M25 havoc: Paramedics leap from ambulance involved in crash with HGV and car to help the injured... Bride-to-be reveals she's considering 'uninviting' her own SISTER from her wedding because she can't afford... Lady in red! Because of its size, you will sometimes find it on a list of big cats (lions, tigers, etc.). [3] But his team's analysis confirms that the latest "new" species of cat to be discovered actually comes in two forms, a Bornean subspecies N. d. borneensis and the Sumatran subspecies N. d. diardi. But as well as being genetically distinct, the clouded leopards on both islands are also morphologically different, having unique features in their skulls and teeth. It is unclear what caused the Sunda clouded leopard to evolve into two forms. However, genetic studies revealed that there are actually two quite distinct clouded leopard species. First let me tell you that I love your page!! Using genetic researcher, scientists have now classified the Sunda Leopard Cat as a separate species from the “Mainland” Leopard Cat. Clouded leopard refers to the spots on the cat’s fur which look like clouds. Dog Care. [27], Wilting, Christiansen, Kitchener, Kemp, Ambu and Fickel, 2007, National Museum of Natural History, France, "Molecular Evidence for Species-Level Distinctions in Clouded Leopards", "A revised taxonomy of the Felidae: The final report of the Cat Classification Task Force of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group", "Clouded leopards, the secretive top-carnivore of South-East Asian rainforests: their distribution, status and conservation needs in Sabah, Malaysia", "Density of the Vulnerable Sunda clouded leopard, "Assessing the distribution and habitat use of four felid species in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia", "Biogeographic history of the Javan leopard, "Geographical variation in and evolutionary history of the Sunda clouded leopard (, "Three decades of deforestation in southwest Sumatra: Have protected areas halted forest loss and logging, and promoted re-growth?

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