Lamprais. The quintessential dish of Sri Lanka is a nutritious plate of rice and curry. Sri Lanka, the beautiful spice island once known as Ceylon, is a rich melting pot of cuisines. Sambols & curries to serve with Kiribath. Hence, it's usually reserved for special occasions. Traditional dish of Sri Lankan Burghers, lamprais, is made of rice, vegetables, and meats, wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked slowly. It tastes like a caramelised pickle and is usually served with rice. In Sri Lanka, pol sambol is used as a garnish or side dish for everything and anything. Skip navigation Sign in Oh, Sri Lanka! This classic Sri Lankan side dish isn't something you'd want to eat every day, as the strips of eggplant are deep fried in oil until crispy and golden, before being stir-fried with onion and spices (think how much oil eggplant absorbs). Curries are everywhere, from roadside … One of the most celebrated classic Sri Lankan dishes with plenty of regional variations. Note: The Sri Lankan people don’t eat their food as spicy as that of other Asian countries. If you like spicy food, you must specify 1/ Rice & Curry. It sure is yummy though. 30. Although all of them include rice anyways. Sri Lankan food is not for the timid eater: the fiery curries, sweet caramelized onion in seeni sambal (onion relish), and sour lime pickle are all dominant, powerful flavors that startle awake senses dulled by the thick, hot island air. While rice and curry is the most traditional and common meal for lunch, there are a few other dishes you can choose instead. The eggplant slices are deep-fried until brown and then combined with, chili powder, ground mustard seeds, cloves, salt, sugar and vinegar to create a piquant dark saucy moju.

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