You have already generated it in Tip #27. Glad to hear that, I really appreciate your support. This step will allow you to get rid of some sneaky visitors. WordPress was designed with search visibility in mind, and its developers work hard to ensure that its code follows SEO best practices. But forgetting to uncheck the visibility settings means the site will remain invisible and can be indexed by Google. Let’s move on and install some of the most important WordPress plugins. These tools are generally used to allow users to manage various aspects of a site’s appearance and functions, but they can also be used to boost its search visibility. The smart thing to do would be disabling comments for pages on your website. Option 1: Lots of quality premium WordPress themes come up with this feature. I suggest you go with 5-10 posts per page and a Summary option. Step 1: Head over to Google Webmaster Tools and click on the “SEARCH CONSOLE” button. Dashboard. This factor alone can boost your WordPress SEO. Usually, it’s enough to have 3-5 post revisions. And they are fast. Get it exclusively designed for you and be ready to spend a couple of thousands of dollars. A well-organized menu will help you improve visitor dwell-time and reduce bounce rate. In some cases, you might not want your site to be visible to search engines, such as when it’s still under construction or undergoing a makeover. The guide is simple enough so anyone can execute the strategies. 1) SEO – General Settings. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a must for getting traffic to your blog or website. Now if you are ready for even bigger website improvements, let me show you some of the finest advanced settings for WP. Permalinks can also be edited from the text editor for both posts and pages. This article shows exactly how to set up the map using Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin. It is one of the methods for fighting brute force attacks. You should change it ASAP. Try WPS Hide Login or Custom Login URL. You should verify your website in Google when you finish optimizing your WordPress website settings. Enter the Site Title (the name of your website). However, I suggest back-up your website before the WP-admin URL change. For most sites, tags will only create duplicate content pages that are of little value to visitors. For that reason, WordPress hosting includes a robust set of SEO tools that can be used by users of all skill and experience levels right from a site’s admin dashboard. This process will guarantee that you implement the strategies correctly and don’t omit anything of great importance. In other words, from an SEO perspective, they are both the same. After you are done with the General Settings, click on “Settings – Permalinks” and select the “Post Name” radio button. Some templates allow for this feature, but if not, a coder should be able to implement it. These fields are shown on each blog post. Moving Further : Titles and Metas. Some social media profile plugins will have options for this. The maximum title tag length use to be 70 characters, but due to changes that Google made, you may want to check your title tag with this tool: However, the www version is recommended since many people will type in www in front of a website URL by default, including when they link to your site. If you’ve already installed RankMath then this function can be adjusted in the plugin settings. In earlier days, every web address began with “www.” Now, that isn’t necessarily so, but many people still search for websites using this prefix, so having it as part of the website name could improve the site’s visibility in search. Free Hands-on Keyword Research Demo Is About To Start, Free Keyword Research Training is Starting. A solid site structure helps your users and the search engines navigate … “Why should I change my default admin username?”. Best practice is to add a unique description on top of each category page. Categories are optional and some people will exclude them while others will include categories. Make sure you get rid of that junk to save the place for the necessary elements. This powerful plugin helps you maintain website security at a high level. We will need them in order to continue adjusting website settings. All big SEO plugins have the “Generate Google XML Sitemap” feature. If you want to remove all unnecessary elements from your website and make it clutter-free this is something you need to do right now. Write the new URL in the plugin settings and remember it, or bookmark in your browser. Add your verification id’s for various metrics like Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Alexa verification id etc. They dishonor your online property and you as a blog owner. Consider purchasing a paid version if the budget allows. The next step you should implement is adding Google XML sitemap to Google Search Console. In fact, it’s one of the most important ranking factors in the modern SEO world. Try to experiment with LSI keywords as well. Don’t forget to click on the “Save Changes” button. Once your website starts making good money, you will want to upgrade to a better web host that will allow caching on their server without requiring you to use a plugin. WordPress themes come with the option to customize the site’s title and tagline within the Settings > General. You must rename it into something more meaningful like “Blogging”, or “Marketing”. It is also necessary when you are scheduling your posts. The Basics of WordPress SEO. On the taxonomies tab, keep the category pages indexed. Most people just install it and then think their work is done. It improves UX dramatically! It is one of the most essential steps in the WordPress SEO settings. Skip the other options. Step 2: Name it something like “Main Menu”, and click Create Menu. So before showing your website to search engines and visitors you may consider take your time and work on the steps outlined in this guide. WordPress Security is a huge topic in modern blogging, and if you don’t take it seriously, it may cost you trouble and money. Step 1: Go to Admin Panel-Appearance-Menus and click on “Create a new menu”. The WordPress logo doesn’t represent your brand. They help group the content on your website and make it more reader-friendly. Just click on “SEO – General” and then the “Webmaster Tools” tab. Note: There are quite a few ways to connect your blog with Google Analytics, the easiest way is using the WP theme that allows you to do the process effortlessly. If he doesn’t like you from the first sight, it will be really hard to get his trust back. Unfortunately, my blog is almost 3 years of age so lots of the settings were not quite applicable to it, yet I’ve managed to adjust some of the most important ones with your help. If you’ve just started with a new website, chances are that your username is “Admin”. If you use a WordPress theme from GeneratePress it is super easy to do! This permalink setting will create SEO friendly links for each post and page and make it easier for people to link to the URL’s. This plugin fights comment spam like none of the other plugins. Most of the same settings as in the SEO Settings horizontal menu are also stacked in the WordPress Dashboard sidebar under ‘SEO’ are: In the newer version there is the Search Console that allows you to access your Google WebMaster Tools, Search Console data. WordPress SEO by Yoast settings – Dashboard These are the basic settings available in Yoast SEO’s dashboard. Ideally, you should be entering your own title and meta descriptions for each post that you write so this tab shouldn’t matter too much. If you want to get a fast, secure and professional theme for your blog you may have two options: I personally use and recommend to all of my readers GeneratePress premium themes. This way it makes it super easy for readers to access all necessary posts and pages in a couple of clicks. The reputable SEO plugins offer your website lots of ways for entire inner website optimization. On the home tab, you can enter your Title tag and meta description field. After installing a premium theme you need to work on its appearance. Step 1: Head to Google Analytics Page and click on the Sign-Up button. Having too many plugins can slow down the load time of your site, so unless you need to, refrain from using any other plugins. On the other hand, if you have some content on your website, chances are that you will have some pages broken and need to fix the issues using redirects. However, setting up your WordPress site for SEO is important. It is 100% complete and offers everything I need(and even more) to control the On-page SEO. In this article, we’re just going to go over the SEO Yoast settings. There are tons of plugins for SEO for WordPress, but the only one you really need when you get started is Yoast SEO. Now your website can be properly indexed by Google, though it may take some time for a new blog to get indexed, that should not bother you as after setting up the website you will need to focus on creating quality content. (A brief description of what your site is all about). If you want to verify your webmaster tools, there are some convenient fields that you can fill in on the Yoast dashboard. Each post and page on a WordPress site has a custom URL, but the default one consists of a collection of numbers and isn’t particularly search-friendly. That said, it is totally up to you on how to approach the strategies outlined below. Option 3: Install a plugin that will do the work. SEO-friendly permalinks will keep your website architecture structured and optimized. Click on the “Taxonomies” tab. Go to Admin Panel-Users-All Users and click on the user name in the list. If I want my blog to serve the Chinese public, I will choose the Chinese language. If you’ve just launched your website and installed the WordPress(WP) you might find some useless features and areas in its default mode. Step 1: Click on the Pages – All Pages in the Admin panel, Step 2: Click on the “Bin”(Or Trash) button. This site structure is used as a default and used in search results if not optimized elsewhere such as an SEO plugin. Here is how to remove widgets from the sidebar: Step 1: Go to Admin Panel-Appearance-Widgets and look at the Widget Area on the right side of the screen. It offers a legit pack of features that improve the website’s loading time in a blink of an eye. They are lots of websites out there that post these lists occasionally, to give you a kickstart I may suggest you check this one.

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