This stems from my husband who I have learned a lot from over the past eight years. I feel that one of my greatest strengths is that I love to learn. I believe that life is a learning experience and being able to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses can help us become better individuals in anything we choose to do, whether it is positive abilities and skills that can help achieve our goals or negative personal areas that need improvement. My major strength has always been my motivation once I begin. Even Though it was hard, I turned out being pretty good at giving both sides. Type: Sequence is a routine of my life, I use it lot weather it is good or bad. Essay, 4 pages. I would have to say that Presentation Skills would be one of my personal weaknesses in the Learning team. Being only a Junior in High School, I wanted to drop out then. One of my weaknesses at home is time management. When I first read them I was in disbelief that they were so in line with mine. > Speed Strengths: I had never written a research paper before, much less a argumentative paper before. Looking deeper into my personal capabilities, I have discovered three strengths and three weaknesses that I have and I’m working on eliminating or improving. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Sequence (Write a paragraph of four to five sentences describing the degree to which you use this Pattern.) I find myself knowing when I can study and focus the best but rarely following through with studying during those times. (2016, Jun 28). is a strength or weakness. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Throughout the writing of this paper, I knew that to give my point of view, I also had to give the other side of the story. A sample for Skill-based strength: For instance, you are applying for a writing job. I believe one of my greatest strengths is my analytical skills. Life to me is a never-ending learning experience. Despite this, I consider my listening skills subpar and am aware of my need for improvement. Often the people I work with will turn to me for help with configuring their computers or formatting a Word document. After the soccer game, I had to go to my boyfriends house and finish my essay. The only thing going through my mind was, “Is this woman crazy?” … Rate this post Strengths My personal strengths involve my seriousness as well as concentration when studying or working. My strengths, which include good analytical skills, and good computer skills, are offset by my weaknesses, which is procrastination and dreadful writing and grammar skills. regarding yours truly, and by examining myself for areas that I am really good at (also known as strengths) and areas I need to improve (otherwise known as weaknesses). When I think of my personal strengths and weaknesses in school, finding the time to study, always seems to fall on the weaker side. Essay, 14 pages. I had never written a paper before. Type: > Pivoting Being aware of what are my best strengths can help me overcome my worst weaknesses. Students are constantly complaining about receiving too much homework, when they only have themselves to blame for being negligent. I will likewise go over how I can establish as a... Rate this post This course has provided me with a multitude of tools, and it has definitely taught me to put careful thought into every situation as it pertains to change; whether it relates to work, school, or things that are going on in my personal life. The only thing going through my mind was, “Is this woman crazy?” At the time, I did not believe I would be able to write a paper with 300 words nevertheless 2000. I love working with numbers and figuring things out. Essay, 3 pages. I always feel that there is never enough time to accomplish my tasks whether it is household chores, work related or assignments for school. My listening self-assessment score of 36 indicates that, although my skill level is decent, I have room to improve significantly. My biggest fear of a presentation would be tripping and falling on my face or, Comparison of Mid-Term Break, The Field Mouse, and On My First Sonne, Essay Analysis of Pinocchio and Toy Story, The Friendship of Gilgamesh and Enkidu Essay, Why I Want to Live in Japan and Teach Children Essay, The Construction Of A Construction Project Manager, Part B Integrated Summary- Surgical Safety, Development Of Innovative Educational Methodologies.

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