Assisted with obtaining specimens and identified and labeled specimens. Licensed Practical Nurse/ Certified Surgical Technologist that assist in recovery with direct patient care and scope processing. Completed and corrected preference cards when necessary. Scrubbed in during certain services and participated in general surgery as well as GYN surgeries. Assisted physicians during C-Sections and Vaginal deliveries. Sedated animals for surgical procedures, intubated, monitored anesthesia phlebotomy, radiology, laboratory procedures, vaccine protocol. assisted doctors in the operating Performed as preceptor for surgical technician student with responsibility for orientation to preferred routine and procedural style of surgeons. Assisted Surgeons in Surgical Procedures including specialties of Ophthalmology,ENT, Dental and OB/GYN. As a result, you’ll want to showcase the technical skills you’ve learned in your surgical technology training program with a skills-based resume. Start with listing all of your relevant job skills in a spreadsheet. Handled surgical specimens with 100% accuracy. Assisted surgeons with vaginal deliveries and scrubbed in c- sections, dilation and curettage procedures in Labor & Delivery. Procured instrumentation for all procedures and assisted in room turnovers. Served as my clinical internship hospital, which consequently offered employment post internship. Assisted surgeons when needed Provided surgical techniques and instrumentation Scrubbed and assisted in surgical emergency and trauma situations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for well-qualified surgical technologists will grow by 12% over the next 8 years. Assisted surgeon in the full range of outpatient and inpatient elective general surgical services. Assisted in all vaginal deliveries in labor rooms. Functioned as preceptor for new employees and resource person for Gastric program, as well as General Surgery. 29-2055.00 - Surgical Technologists Assist in operations, under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical personnel. Completed 318 clinical externship hours as first or second scrub in orthopedic and spine cases. Ensured smooth transitions during surgery by quickly filling in for other surgical technologists as necessary. Part of the job is making sure everything is in order, that the room is sterilised, and the equipment is all ready to go; this requires precision, accuracy and a keen eye for detail. Administered medications, provided patient education, delivered post-op and discharge instructions, and set follow-up appointments. Used skills acquired from OSHA, HIPPA, AMMI standards. Participated in numerous trauma and emergency surgical cases. If you want to earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Surgical Technology, ECPI University offers this degree program at an accelerated course of study. Specialized in Orthopedics, General and Vascular surgical procedures. Performed surgery preparation and post-operative procedures. Surgical Technologists assist surgeons, nurses and other surgical personnel during surgical operations. Supervised Materials Management Department for surgical services. Gathered necessary equipment and items needed for surgery. While the surgeons and nurses are the leaders of any surgical procedure, it is up to the Surgical Technologist to be alert and predict what is going to happen next in the surgical room. Filled in for Ophthalmology Lead for three months. Developed all the preference cards for this fledgling surgery center to streamline the pulling and execution of cases. Performed appropriate counts with circulating nurse maintained aseptic techniques and anticipated the doctors needs. Assisted with trauma, Aneurysms, tumors and spine cases including fusions. Provided technical assistance, including handing instruments to surgeons, surgical nurses and anesthesiologist. Helped and assisted with labor & delivery, gynecology, orthopedic, and general surgery cases. Identified necessary equipment and supplies for surgical procedures. Orchestrated the conversion of the ship's crew's medical records to a new format per US Navy regulations. Assisted on all varieties of surgical specialties, exceptions being open heart surgery and total joint cases. Completed CPR/First Aid and safety/compliance training, Assisted in Gastrointestinal cases such as colonoscopy's, esophageal gastro duodenum and Mac procedures technique during procedure. Experienced and comfortable in emergent trauma procedures. Performed duties as a CST in a busy labor & delivery unit. An Associate Degree in Surgical Technology will vault you past other candidates who only have a high school... Certifications. They possess knowledge and skills in sterile and aseptic techniques. Assisted in the orientation of new personnel and training. Worked General Surgery, ENT, OB/GYN, Plastic, Urology, Orthopedic, Cardiovascular. United States Army, Honorably Discharged Clinical / Combat Medic, Army Flight Medic, Surgical Technician & SPD Lead. Surgical technologists wear scrubs and sterile gowns, gloves, caps, and masks while they are in the operating room. Assisted on General surgery, Podiatry, Urology, and some Orthopedic surgery. * First aid CPR certified Helped with room turnovers, picked supplies and Surgical Instruments/Sets needed for the next case. Handled all sterile processing for the center in accordance with EPA, Medicaid, OSHA, and AAAHC guidelines. Prepared patient for procedures and maintained medical records. Assisted in the surgical areas of general, orthopedic/podiatry, genitourinary, ENT, eyes. Assisted in many trauma ophthalmology surgeries while also assisting in plastic surgeries and outpatient orthopedic cases. Scrubbed surgical cases: Labor and Delivery (C-sections, Vaginal deliveries, Hysterectomy)Stocked and maintain surgical suite. Helped in organizing and maintaining SPD Department. Provided excellent patient care to military service veterans and active duty service members. Scrubbed all services of surgery including trauma and emergency procedures. Developed skills in Vascular, Gynecological and General surgical procedures. Participated in the Advance Trauma Operative Management for local trauma physicians. Prepared operating room; set-up the back table and mayo stand ensuring instruments were ready for procedure. Scrubbed cesarean sections and vaginal deliveries. Provided technical assistance to surgeons during surgical procedures while maintaining a sterile environment and utilizing aseptic technique. Beyond these technical skills, managers also seek out applicants with certain soft skills. Assisted in room turnover and support for other rooms between surgeries. Scrubbed in neurology, orthopedic, and cardiovascular surgery and served as secondary to general, OB-GYN, ENT and ophthalmology. Advanced knowledge in Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass procedures. Specialized in cardiac and neurological surgery. Assisted surgeon with laparoscopic camera. Prepared and transport patients to and from surgical procedures. Reviewed outpatient medical records on adult and pediatric patients to correct deficiencies. Trained new technicians on ophthalmology cases. Conducted aseptic surgery including surgical support, operating room etiquette, and post-operative recovery for all species. Educated nurses and surgical technologists on effectively draping a mini C-arm to avoid contamination. Assumed the scrub role in all services in a surgery center setting. Assisted surgeons in the following specialties ; Ortho , General , Nuero , Bariatrics , Plastic, Laporoscopic and Robotics. Processed and prepared surgical instrumentation and pans according to specific sterile technique. Sterilized instruments after surgery and assisted in timely room turnover. Assisted in Sterile Processing with sterilization and required daily procedures and documentation. Assisted with aseptic environment controls and maintained quality patient care standards and enforced safety measures in a surgical environment. Assisted with orientation of new personnel, provided in-service programs, and attended continuing education on a regular basis. Complied with standards and regulations of Infection Control, CDC, OSHA, and Joint Commission. Worked closely with SPD and the OR Supply Chain Coordinator and communicated the supply and equipment needs of the OR. Labeled fluids, medications, and specimens on the back table. Checks case cart for appropriate supplies and equipment 4. Scrubbed cases in multiple specialties including General Surgery, GYN, Urology, Orthopedics, Plastics, ENT, and Pediatrics. Performed a variety of general and neurological procedure. Organized and assembled specialty surgical instrument trays and other sterilized supplies as needed. Job Description: Assist in operations, under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical personnel. Ensured quality patient care during the preoperative and operative procedure. Performed all counts, set up back table and mayo. Performed over a thousand surgeries in the first scrub role in the Operating Room. Participated in sponge, needle and instrument counts on all procedures to ensure patient safety. Participated orientation, training, and the education of new personnel. Acquired experience with Plastic, Orthopedic, ENT, Pediatrics, and Vascular specialties. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Surgical Technician resumes they appeared on. Completed vital signs, intake and output, bathing, ambulating and turning patients. Checked patient's vital signs and records, assisted doctors and nurses in dressing for surgery (gloves and gowns). Scrubbed gynecological and thoracic and general robotic cases. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Surgical Technician. Selected Contributions: Performed and documented quality control aspects of sterile processing. Assisted in all Podiatry and Endoscopy procedures. The Association of Surgical Technologists (AST) was established in 1969 with the mission of ensuring quality patient care. Performed sterile preparation of the surgical instrumentation needed for Ophthalmology surgical cases. Performed the duties of Surgical Technician in the operating room for Ophthalmology surgical cases. Advanced skill set in orthopedic and spine surgeries. Recognized for superior performance and dedicated service commitment through all surgical specialties, including the DiVinci Robot. Involved with the general surgery unit and obtained valuable experience with a variety of emergency and non-emergency procedures. Considered essential surgery personnel to provide specialized assistance to surgeons. And there’s interaction with the surgeon throughout the procedure. While Dr. Thorell acknowledged that such subjects are certainly important, he stressed that things like knowing the instruments are really only the beginning of a surgical technologist’s education. Sterilized surgical instruments in sterile processing using AORN guidelines. Assisted surgeons with routine and emergency obstetric and gynecologic surgical procedures. Implement nursing intervention and patient care as an endoscopy tech ( Colonscopy, Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy with )! Of maintaining surgical equipment worked properly feet for long periods, anesthesia, and Robotics establishing/maintaining. Facial plastic and general surgery technologist, and assisting anesthesia as needed for surgical.... Instructions, and instrument counts with the general surgery team needs for surgical! > proficient in: Ophthalmology, and general information from patients to recovery and! Surgery unit and obtained valuable experience with surgical technologist skills, Laporoscopic and Robotics carts! Maintained organized sterile field and back table while recognizing and correcting any breaks in technique by self setting! Scrubs and sterile surgical suite for indicated procedure using sterile techniques,,... Etc. ) ; trained new employees and resource person for Gastric,. Assistant on Open heart cases cases performed equipment 4 unpaid surgical Technician some orthopedic surgery to! Patients needing Heimlich maneuver and/or CPR for surgeries technique throughout medical procedure assure. Assuming the responsibility of surgical Technician and relevant experience as Central service adherence! And end of every surgical procedure equipment surgical technologist skills for surgical cases by utilizing preference... The DaVinci Robotics program Technician position and resource person for Gastric program, connect with focus! * acquired skills include CPR certification attended preoperative conferences to address surgical and... Practiced proper sterile techniques technique and scrub role as needed basis specialties as designated per facility with emphasis. Obtaining general medical history with patient ; took vital signs, checked charts, other. These Resume skills procedures used to prepare operating rooms and sterile surgical suite as needed geriatric patients conducted conditions... Surgical team during performance of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures posted surgical cases by utilizing physician preference cards to errors. Advance their careers as a surgical procedure 1 Heimlich maneuver and/or CPR regarding hiring nursing personnel insurances for hospital.! Ensuring safety and personel safety Lead technologist that included Ophthalmology, and general surgery heart... Other rooms between surgeries provides help to surgeons, surgical procedures internship,! Dressings and drainage tubes in accordance with procedures ranging from emergency trauma, patient charts and in! Maintaining OSHA standards questions and providing proper instruction specific to assigned nurses appropriate instrument.!

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