Because rat snakes are good climbers, maintaining an extra secure enclosure is key to keeping your snake in its home. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. If you observe: wheezing, moucous, sneezing, mouth breathing. . This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Cheers, Bobby 24 to 48 hours as a waiting period before handling again. Also bear in mind these snakes are semi arboreal and you should provide an adult a vivarium with at least 60cm height (ideally 90cm), and add branches etc for climbing. Hatchlings can be fed once every 5 days if you wish, but it would not be recommended to feed more regularly than this as you are running the risk of causing your snakes problems such as obesity and fatty liver disease. Beauty snakes will drink from a dish with little problems. © Aesthetics are good. They greatly appreciate leaf cover, big broad leaves. Frozen / thawed preferred as it's just easier all around. This will have to be misted daily or as required. Second 1/3rd in her large tub that has leaf cover and watches the house and kids. Price is cheap. They are very visual based. I want to know why is it called red when it has some yellowish golden skin color? They tend to prefer quantity over size, so if they can fit a medium rat but just barely they'd prefer many small rats instead. At first sign clean everything, after treatment, clean everything again. Common Name: Taiwan Beauty Snake, Beauty Rat Snake Scientific Name: Orthriophis taeniura friesei Origin: Taiwan Size: 6-8 feet Lifespan: 12-20 years You will find many ways on the internet on "how to" take care of this animal. Most snakes acclimate to new enclosures and will start feeding with little effort on behalf of the keeper. And the rest of her time in her cold hide. Copyright 2014 George Endrulat. The humid hide will be the one on the hot side. Otherwise they're lazy if cold and fat. Beauty snakes are widely distributed throughout Burma, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Aesthetics are fine. Inhabiting a wide variety of landscapes from rocky areas with low vegetation, to forests and areas near water. Posts RSS Glass enclosures can be used, as well as wooden vivariums, this is purely a choice of personal preference. I have mine in a 72"x18"x24" tank and at the time of writing she's about 7' long and it's getting cramped. Housing the Black Rat Snake . They are a moderate sized semi-arboreal snake, indigenous to semi tropical and tropical habitats. Rearing up / "S" curving for a strike on the high end. For the most part they're very cautious about open spaces and tend to move very slowly, it's the rare occasion you'll see them at full speed. Overheating your pet reptile is the quickest way to kill it – thermostats should always be used, especially for heat sources in wooden vivariums! This care sheet is showing the way we found works best for us from our many years of experience of caring for this species. A heat lamp of appropriate wattage, or a heat mat should be used to heat the enclosure in conjuction with appropriate guards and thermostats, speak to a member of staff for advice on sizes of bulbs etc depending on the size of the vivarium your are using. Fine. Take a tee-shirt and put it over your pillow for a week and sleep on it, then put that in the cage/tank with the snake, they'll like to burrow in it and they quickly get used to your smell. Required. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Large enough that the entire snake can fit inside of it without much extra room, they prefer a tight space. Use bleach solution but zero bleach residue can be left. Cleaning is easy. Thanks! What you can do if you need to is something called Braining. For adult snakes, once every 7-10 days will suffice. This works with surprising results and most problem feeders cannot resist the smell of brains. Snakes require enclosures relative to their body size, so you would give a hatchling an enclosure approx 60 x 30 x 45cm and provide plenty of hiding areas. Please read our. [citation needed] This constrictor feeds on rodents, and though it is … Large enough for most of the snake to lay in. Wipe down whole cage using the vinegar solution. See your vet about deworming medicine and bring stool sample and a sample of feed prey. Waterproof tub with a lid. Housing: a wooden vivarium of at least 48" in length and 36'' in height Heating: day time basking temperature of 88 o F, ambient air temperature of 75-80 o F Diet:carnivore with a diet comprising of frozen prey Decoration:thick branches and foliage to allow climbing. This will ensure your snake feels secure in his new home. Some snakes are shy eaters, some have no problem. Hey man i think you need to put more work into the format and out look of your blog as i feel that it needs improvement. To entice a reluctant animal to feed you can place the animal in a restricted container in order to keep the food and it’s scent in close proximity to the snake, and leave it there overnight. Preferably on hot side if ventilation is good. These cookies do not store any personal information. Price is medium. The lid will have a hole cut out of it. Get to know when your snake is stressed. With a pair of long tongs or forceps, grasp a prey item and simply hold it in front of the snake, slightly moving it from time to time. If you choose to use a heat light and a heatmat, be sure to place both these items at the same side of the enclosure and not in the center, and always use the appropriate thermostats to achieve the correct temperatures.

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