Edit, Challenger, the horse that Judy thought would one day become a champion but that her stablehand, Michael O'Leary (Humphrey Bogart), didn't share such high hopes, apparently went on to run in the Grand National. The value in “Dark Victory” lies in Mr. Sikov’s original analysis of the Davis films and acting style. | But it is impossible to be that cynical about it. Martha covers her with a comforter. When diagnostic tests confirm his suspicions, Judy agrees to surgery to remove a malignant glioma brain tumor. [12] It is also mentioned in the 2015 movie The Frontier by the Luann character as a missed opportunity in her career. She shows signs of short-term memory loss, but dismisses her symptoms. The play was adapted for the movie by American screenwriter Casey Robinson. Then her vision becomes affected. In 1963, the film was remade as Stolen Hours with Susan Hayward and Michael Craig, directed by Daniel Petrie. no Brent is a better actor i think, certainly more versatile, I thought he was quite good in things like Purchase price, Jezebel, Snowed Under, Living on Velvet, and several others whereas Raft bascially played the same guy in every film i ever saw him in.but in Dark Victory as i stated above a stronger more dynamic male lead like Tracy would have elevated the entire film, to me anyway. The doctor tells her secretary that the tumor will come back and eventually kill her. She marries Steele who intends to find a cure for her illness. The camera focuses on the motionless Judith as the screen becomes blurry, then fades to black. One day, her stablemaster Michael O'Leary (Humphrey Bogart), who for years has loved her from afar, confronts her about her unruly behavior, and she confesses she is dying. The film tells the story of Judith (Bette Davis), a wealthy young lady and her neurosurgeon, Doctor Steel (George Brent). You... One of the coolest things about loving film noir is discovering lost, forgotten films. Judith and Steele become involved romantically and eventually engaged. Then her vision becomes affected. Steele tells Ann, "she must never know" she is going to die soon. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists: Barbara Stanwyck and Melvyn Douglas starred in a 1938 adaptation of the play presented on Lux Radio Theatre, and the following year Davis and Spencer Tracy appeared in another radio version. As he goes off to a conference in New York failing eyesight indicates to Judith that she is dying. Bogie and the film deserved better.btw i watched They Drive by Night tonight. Bette Davis plays Judith Traherne, a young, rich woman with all the character flaws that might easily … A melodrama of a love in the face of approaching death. Martha follows her, and finds her kneeling beside her bed. Dr. Parsons, the family's elderly physician, believes her to be seriously ill. Learning this, Judith becomes manic and depressive. He and his patient fall in love. Dark Victory currently holds an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on twenty-three reviews. True, most lost films are forgotten for a reason. They are often resistant to treatment and carry a poor prognosis. Synopsis This film features a riveting performance by Bette Davis, whose expressive eyes and brows surely have never been matched, and a bold conclusion with the death of a beautiful young woman. Turner Classic Movies critic Margarita Landazuri writes, “Dark Victory was a three-hanky hit. (Throughout the film Judith and O'Leary engage in arguments about the prospects of a colt, Challenger. That too is her "Dark Victory.". Miss Davis, naturally, has dominated—and quite properly—her film, but Miss Fitzgerald has added a sentient and touching portrayal of the friend, and George Brent, as the surgeon, is—dare we say?—surprisingly self-contained and mature. Dark Victory (1939) is a tear-jerker to end all tear-jerkers. In 1976, the story was produced under its original title as an NBC television movie starring Elizabeth Montgomery as television producer Katherine Merrill under the care of Dr. Michael Grant, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins; this version was directed by Robert Butler. But Steele learns that her disease will recur in a predictable manner: blindness followed by painless death. But it is embarrassingly anachronistic in places, and some scenes are downright corny.

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