The clearances between direct-vent appliance vent terminals and openings in the building exterior that could allow combustion products to enter the building have been revised. Exposure D. Exposure D shall apply where the ground surface roughness, as defined by Surface Roughness D, prevails in the upwind direction for a distance of not less than 5,000 feet (1524 m) or 20 times the height of the building, whichever is greater. Ma = Aerodynamic uplift moment, feet-pounds (N-mm) acting to raise the tail of the tile. The minimum lateral load that fire walls are required to resist is five pounds per square foot. Such roofs shall be designed to sustain the load of rainwater that will accumulate on them to the elevation of the secondary drainage system plus the uniform load caused by water that rises above the inlet of the secondary drainage system at its design flow determined from, The design and construction of buildings and structures located in. Wind Zone 4— basic design wind speed, V > 160 mph (63 m/s). Structural components damaged by snow events must be repaired assuming snow loads for new buildings from the IBC. Where ACI 318 requires that nonprestressed reinforcing or prestressing steel pass through the region bounded by the longitudinal column reinforcement, that reinforcing or prestressing steel shall have a minimum nominal tensile strength equal to two-thirds of the required one-way vertical strength of the connection of the floor or roof system to the column in each direction of beam or slab reinforcement passing through the column. Mapped spectral response acceleration parameters. Requirements for live loads from Chapters 4 and 8 have been combined and placed in Chapter 3 to apply for all compliance methods. When a change of occupancy occurs placing a building in a higher risk category, the seismic loads on the building must be evaluated using IBC-level forces. Live loads on decks and balconies increase the deck live load to one and one-half times the live load of the area served. These inputs help surface the applicable codes and requirements. Where the soil properties are not known in sufficient detail to determine the site class, Site Class D, subjected to the requirements of Section 1613.2.3, shall be used unless the building official or geotechnical data determines that Site Class E or F soils are present at the site. See ASCE 7-16for important details not included here. The preceding deflections do not ensure against ponding. Finish light floor plate construction, 28. [partial shown] Source: National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Washington, DC. Where the simplified design procedure of ASCE 7 Section 12.14 is used, the value of Fa shall be determined in accordance with ASCE 7 Section, and the values of Fv, SMS and SM1 need not be determined. See ASCE 7-16 for important details not included here. A diaphragm is rigid for the purpose of distribution of story shear and torsional moment when the lateral deformation of the diaphragm is less than or equal to two times the average story drift. A concentrated load of 40 pounds (0.176 kN) applied to an 8-inch-diameter (203 mm) area [50.3 square inches (32 452 mm. Figure 2. Where Site Class D is selected as the default site class per Section 1613.2.2, the value of Fa shall be not less than 1.2. Vertical ties shall consist of continuous or spliced reinforcing, continuous or spliced members. La = Moment arm, feet (mm) from the axis of rotation to the point of uplift on the roof tile. RISK CATEGORY OF BUILDINGS AND OTHER STRUCTURES. Print chapters, sections, and subsections for frequently used code. Structures that require special consideration of their response characteristics and environment that are not addressed by this code or ASCE 7 and for which other regulations provide seismic criteria, such as vehicular bridges, electrical transmission towers, hydraulic structures, buried utility lines and their appurtenances and nuclear reactors.

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