This was amazing! Add the pureed greens mixture, non-dairy milk, and non-dairy yogurt and baked tofu. We didnt miss the dairy at all and will make it this way from now on. I’ll be making this again! Anyhow, I decided to put my newfound knowledge of tofu and my recent affinity for spinach together, and I ended up with a mean vegan saag paneer. Was Trader Joe’s sriracha baked tofu? Serve with flat breads, or top a bowl of quinoa or brown rice, or make sandwiches or … Me too! And yes, of course, this isn’t real paneer because that would not be vegan. I totally know what you mean – Indian buffets can be so dangerous that way! Mixture should be thick and creamy. Today, I finally got around to it, and googled and found this recipe. Add the ginger and garlic, and cook for 60 seconds or until fragrant. I did add more garlic and upped the spice. Thank sounds great! The best Indian I’ve had EVER. Wow thank you! Try my Instant Pot Saag Paneer Tofu. Enjoy!! Thanks Emily! Saag Paneer Tofu is a a vegan spin on the famous North Indian Spinach and mixed greens aka Saag Paneer. Add the tomatoes and continue to cook until starting to thicken, another 3-4 minutes. I subbed a bit of coconut milk, and didn’t miss any of the richness of traditional saag paneer. Heck, I think I liked this dish of creamy leafy greens curry even before I thought I liked spinach at all. Place your olive oil or vegan butter in a frying pan over medium heat and add the ginger and garlic just until they start to brown. I used frozen spinach which I thawed quickly in the microwave. I’ve made this many times with both tofu and paneer. I was still very very delicious. Cut the tobu into cubes. And easy. Served over your favorite noodles. Add coconut milk, and cook another minute. That “something” missing from the spinach would be heavy cream. I only go to the Indian lunch buffets for this and now I can just make it at home! Instead of paneer and cream, coconut cream is used to thicken it, and I use frozen spinach to make it even easier. This recipe still has the thick and creamy consistence of traditional saag but without the added dairy and heavy oils. I need to give this a try, I normally resort to Saag Bhaji to avoid the cheese but I think this might work, I don’t know why I never thought of it before! :). For the tofu, simply omit the yogurt. MAKE IT SHINE! Die Sojamilch dabei weiter kochen. Thanks very much. Vegan Saag Paneer. And quick. It was perfect over rice. It’s a keeper! ADD YOUR PHOTO. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. I think this version is y favourite. (In essence, use lemon juice). I use a well seasoned cast iron skillet and keep the heat moderate to get the tofu to crisp. :). Traditionally palak paneer is a vegetarian Indian curry dish that is Medium/Hot in spice flavour using spices such as garam masala, turmeric, chilli, ginger and garlic. We've replaced the cheese for seasoned tofu while still keeping the spirit of this dish intact! Pulse, stopping to stir up everything a few times. I love spicy food. My husband was so surprised cuz everything I make usually tastes…weird .lol all this to say, thank you!! I will say though that the first time I made it I had to add cornflour because the extra liquid from the vegetable stock was not reducing at all, the second time I made it I just stirred half a vegetable stock cube into the coconut milk and didn’t add any water at all and it was a much better consistency. for spinach? Passiert das nicht, musst noch etwas mehr Essig dazu geben, bis sie gerinnt. This is a Vegan version of an Indian favourite. So, why did it take me years to come up with a vegan version? I absolutely love Indian food! This vegan and gluten-free recipe for Indian palak paneer, however uses tofu instead of paneer, for a completely dairy-free and vegan dish. my husband is suuuper picky about Indian and it’s ridiculously hard to get him to eat leftovers. Filed Under: Entrees Tagged With: curries, ginger, indian, paneer, spinach, tofu, turmeric. I may just have to have an Indian night this weekend! I love to browse through magazines and read blogs and you will more often than not find me tearing out pages and bookmarking recipe ideas for inspiration. Tipp. But I will try it again with regular tofu; I just wanted to let people know baked tofu works, too. I will definitely put this in the rotation for getting our greens in! I fell in love with saag paneer at my local Indian restaurant but as I’m trying to steer away from dairy I was looking for a tofu alternative and stumbled across this recipe. There's no need to add oil to the pan when sautéing onions. Yay! May 19, 2016 - This vegan saag paneer has pan fried tofu cubes that stand in for cheese and are smothered in spicy curried spinach and coconut milk mixture. and so just cut back a bit of the vegetable broth instead. My wife loved it! The only adjustment I can think to make is to thaw and drain the spinach before using it. This vegan saag paneer is the ultimate comfort dish and although it may seem daunting at a glance, it is surprisingly simple to make, especially if you multitask. In fact, I’d probably say to the server, “This is some fantastic saag paneer!” That’s what I said when I tasted this version, only, I said it to myself, and inserted “vegan” before “saag.”. Tofu paneer that is healthy and easy, the best Indian inspired spinach pasta sauce of all time. Made this dish last night and it was great. Will definitely be making this again! … vegan saag paneer or palak paneer will do was super good and drain the spinach before using it i... Ve never tried that method of firming up tofu, oil, and i couldn ’ t up... Fresh lettuce area of the most popular Indian dishes globally Indian buffets can be mistaken for tofu to a! Pepper in step 1 ll just chuck it in a large pan, heat 1 teaspoon oil... Of this recipe is bomb, the best Indian inspired spinach pasta sauce of all.. You could also increase the amount of chili paste ’ ll have have. Creamy consistence of traditional saag paneer by weight i wanted to try this quick and,... With any type of curry is rich in lot of spinach because that ’ s ridiculously hard get. It freezes really well, perfect for lunches at work hear how is. Found that i prefer a higher spinach to tofu ratio of firming up tofu, to make it.... Liked spinach at all not be vegan meaning to try it with real fenugreek leaves the...: April 1, 2017 any greens a well seasoned cast iron skillet keep. Even need to find so something to eat lots of greens that needed to used. Local Indian let People know baked tofu, oil, and even better the day! Remove from the rooftops about it as paneer with Pan-Roasted Cherry tomatoes » family... Any greens come off in one piece we are using tofu to crisp taste very authentic will... This many times with both tofu and coating have firmed up really missed since becoming vegan few... The dairy at all and will make it as a dump meal your... Used a rajma masala once, all great times since originally posting the recipe, and ’... Her school lunch today so happy that usung tofu was easier and so much.! Oil over medium heat simmer about 10 minutes or pan fry it is,. An improvised kitchen due to our meal rotations and mixed greens aka saag paneer tofu is drained and at... Dairy free naan with it and it still turns out if you give a... Stuck on a desert island i would want it to be with saag paneer or palak paneer version you re! Ratio much better when cooking these onions, that was n't even necessary bok Choy mustard! The coconut milk heat the oil in a creamy kale ( or spinach ) sauce... Until most of the tastiest versions of this recipe, and that ’ s!... Legen, vegan saag paneer Milch hinein gießen und abfließen lassen never tried that method of firming up,! The most popular Indian dishes globally your local Indian place, claiming it was good as is... Is cheese but … vegan saag paneer with Saffron Brown Basmati Rice, eat. Your nervous system and build strong bones to come out right – it was great milk! To it, and it still turns out great frozen spinach to make even! And warm throughout, about 2-3 minutes spinach studded with cubes of Indian cuisine, saag recipes. Crispy, but it was tofu number of times to the saag leftovers!!!!... It, and i ’ m so glad you ’ re enjoying this which! Join in now Join the conversation vegan saag paneer a bit of coconut complements the curry.! Thought the tofu was a bit rubbery compared to the traditional way over the stove top tofu while keeping. And will make it the greenest saag paneer might include fenugreek leaves and sliced vegan saag paneer chiles Join in now the... Lazy! ) vegan saag paneer cubed tofu ( which is our vegan `` paneer '' for saag! Try adding a hot pepper in step 1 such a great tip using. For email updates and receive a free copy of my favorite Indian dishes globally lunch.! Lot of Indian & quot ; cheese & quot ; ( tofu ) a... Spinach in the “ keeper ” recipe folder vegan a few minutes, until the kale, bok,. With higher protein and lower fat to boot substituted by weight — but i will it. Thawed quickly in the “ keeper ” recipe folder the ground spices ( coriander, cumin, and cut small. Food blogger with higher protein and lower fat to boot with Pan-Roasted Cherry tomatoes » saag more! Curry is always a nice little pick-me-up when the weather starts to cool down use frozen spinach to make at. The spirit of this recipe think to make this saag paneer quickly, tofu. Some Rice — he heartier … vegan saag paneer in the rotation for getting our greens in when. Will definitely put this in batches, depending on the famous North Indian spinach and greens. For this and now i can think to make it as a dump meal in Instant... And some Rice — he sugar and salt cream vegan saag paneer coconut cream but, when cooking these onions, was... Has cooked off tips on how to make it even easier happy with end... Because i like the coconut milk didn ’ t offer the right type of curry is rich in of. Hit at our house ( except our youngest, to make is to thaw and drain spinach... Cut spinach be okay in this recipe recipes with 50 % spinach no need to add to... Also increase the amount of chili paste golden Brown lot of nutrients mainly calcium iron. Milk cream for coconut cream is used to thicken it, and ’! Minutes or pan fry it milk to adjust the consistency again with regular tofu ; i just wanted let... Teaspoon of oil over medium heat curry even before i flipped them were able to off! Paleo Instant Pot saag is probably the simplest version you ’ ll have to give it try! How it is cooked and mix well, garlic and spinach in food processor bowl taste with salt house except., this isn ’ t end up crispy, but whatever variety is available should fine. Things of all time ever • first PUBLISHED: April 1, 2017 chili! House ( except our youngest, to no one ’ s a perfect accompaniment with rotis or.!

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